CG dress code — how strict?

I’m thinking I might give the prix fixe special dinner a go at CG. I like the view.

Anyone been recently? (Is that even a thing?) How strict are they being with the dress code? It says men should wear collared shirts. I’m not up for that. I have nice, plain, dark blue t-shirts. I’ve worn them there before.

I will be there next Friday and can take note of what the guys are wearing.

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That would be helpful thanks. I need the details of the scruffiest looking guy, lol.


Polo shirts have collars

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True, but I don’t own one.

My issue is that I don’t want to bring something specially, especially if I don’t plan on wearing it during the day: I don’t want to have to carry something around all day. And anything other than my superlight t-shirts is too hot to wear at WDW.

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I got DH a Disney Nike polo (wicking) and he loves it. Works great with humidity and has a collar


This is me and @JuliaMc at CG in the summer of 2019. Somehow I got away with wearing a hat. Later during the same trip they told me to take it off when I checked in.


I was there on Sunday. As of now, they are not enforcing a dress code at all. I saw people in park clothes (shorts, tank top, flip flops) and others who were more dressed up, from smart casual (polo shirts, khakis) to people with a shirt and tie. All that may change with the new iteration though.


Yay :grinning:

Oh :smirk:

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I overheard a family complaining at Narcoosees one night b/c they were turned away from their reservation for improper dress. One young woman was wearing cut offs. This was last month

Monstrous snobbery.

Here’s what a classy restaurant has to say on the subject:


Well… the webpage is very upfront about the dress code. I wore a sundress all day at the park before the dinner reservation that evening so I wouldn’t have to worry about it. I still can’t get used to the way ppl dress to travel. I remember dressing up to fly anywhere (and I still do). I know I’m old :upside_down_face:



I’ve ordered this. It’s cheap and wicking.

I haven’t even got the reservation yet.


That looks nice and wicking to boot. You’ll get the reservation! I know it.

Those Disney Nike polos are NOT cheap

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CR? All I can come up with for that is Coral Reef which isn’t Signature and ergo no dress code beyond park dress code.

What else is CR?

His pic shows CG… that’s what I am assuming. You are correct that Corel Reef has no dress code


I’m guessing CG :rofl:

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Contemporary Resort

But, yeah, I meant California Grill.


Lost respect for you. I thought of you as the kind of guy who is going to wear what he wants to wear.

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You can’t fight City Hall.

Besides, I’ve booked it. ADRs opened at 0525 EST.