CG 7:10 pm Pirates & Pals 8:45


Think there is enough time to have a meal at CG at 7:10 and be at the Pirates & Pals at 8:30pm for the 8:45 cruise? It seems possible but I haven't done either before.


I do not think that is possible! Even if you are seated right away you should plan at least 90 minutes if you are dining at a signature restaurant.


ok Thanks, I was thinking we might just eat light like appetizers. The other alternative is Via Napoli at 5:45 or maybe a CG ressie will open up earlier.


That 7:10 ADR is a dream come true for most people if HEA is at 9:00- perfect timing


That night is an MVMCP night so I think the fireworks are 9:30. Either way I may keep CG and do P&P another night. Have O'Hana at 7:00 the next night again on MVMCP and I hear those can run late so I wouldn't want to risk that. So many good things to do! Another night in the week means I have to choose to only see 2 ROL, F! Or HEA. Haven't seen ROL or HEA and DS6 loved F! Thanks for the input


Will you get a chance to see any of the fireworks shows inside the parks?


MVMCP and then if I keep ohana and CG dinners (which I would like since we are staying at CR) that leaves 3 other nights available to choose between F!, HEA inside the park, ROL, and/or P&P. Haven't seen HEA or ROL yet. So those are the decisions


For me, any signature dinner is more of an "event" than just a meal - sometimes the most anticipated event of the day. I never schedule anything after one as I don't want the "have to get someplace" feeling to interfere with enjoying the meal. Even if I have lunch at Le Cel or HBD, I always plan a 90 min window with nothing "hard scheduled" (e.g. FPPs) right after.


What is your favorite signature? Loved le cel and tiffins!


For overall experience, CG wins. Based on food alone, Jiko or Monsieur Paul. Of course V&A tops them all, but it's really in a category all it's own. I haven't had a chance to try Tiffins yet.


Thanks! Def try Try Tiffins, so good!I got P&P moved to another night so we can enjoy CG at a relaxed pace and have an extra nights rest from running around.