Ceramic Monorail Travel Tumbler Coffee

My SIL bought the ceramic coffee travel tumbler that had the monorail on it with the English and Spanish phrase “Please stand clear of my coffee.” It was her favorite. Bought it 1-2 years ago. It broke recently. Would love to get her one for Christmas but haven’t seen them anywhere on property or online. Does anyone know where I could get one?? (I’ve also checked ebay, etc). Thanks for any help :smiley:

You could always try calling the park merchandise number, though, if it’s two years ago that is hit or miss as to whether they still carry them.

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Try googling the phrase, I found several places that sell it, for example:


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Thanks Outer1 and quicha. I called park merchandise and gave them the UPC for the item. It has been discontinued. And the website that has it, when you read it isn’t actually available for purchase. :cry:

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Sorry to hear that…

If you wanted to get creative you or someone could draw a replica of the monorail and you create a custom one on zazzle. Might even make it more special.