Celtic Festival in Asheville NC Trip Report

Okay, not WDW, but it’s the closest thing I can accomplish right now.

One of the organizers gave us tickets, so we thought we’d come, even though I would like to sleep the day away.

I’ve lost my family somewhere around here.
So far, I’ve looked around. Saw a beautiful, large Irish Wolf Hound.

Bought a scoop of drambui ice cream (whiskey and honey). Doesn’t look like much, but it’s delicious!

Oh, and bought an Irish coffee. I didn’t take c picture because the whipped cream melted and it looks like coffee.


Finally found my family. Eating now.

Aneira has the haggis and I have the bbq.

Some of the pics around here.


Looks fun! I’ve been to the Highland games a few times. Out mountains are so gorgeous it’s fun to spend a nice day in them.


I’m looking forward to the Loch Norman games, but we haven’t been to the grandfather mountain one since DD20 was a toddler. I hate the hassle to get up the mountain.

We usually go to the Greenville SC games at Furman, but it’s usually surface of the sun hot. No thank you.


Is the haggis good? I would be jealous if it is.

It is very good. We just bought two tins off the Scottish Cottage guy last week. He’s the one who gave us the tickets. :smiley_cat: it’s peat-smoked, so a little goes a looong way. It is, of course, not exactly the recipe used in Scotland, because sheep lungs aren’t allowed in food here.


I feel like this festival needs to be on my list of things to do in the future.

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Scottish Cottage goes to festivals and Scottish games all over the place. They are definitely my favorite, but there are a lot of other Scottish food vendors.

Aneira is just happy to finally get IronBru soda here. It’s been over two years since we’ve been to any Celtic/Scottish anything.


We can buy Irn Bru at Publix. I wonder if it’s not the same?

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Just as an FYI, I’m very peopled out. Mask wearing indoors is not very evident. People are too close together. I’m sitting in the car so I can rest a bit and de-people. I’m very crowd averse nowadays from both the pandemic and the after effects my surgery.


Gotta love a Celtic Festival!!
That photo of the Irish Wolfhound makes me wonder if someone kidnapped the grand-dog Murf!! :rofl:
I got really peopled-out at our KC Irish Fest this year! Had to take several breaks from the crowds.
Love all the photos!!


I don’t know who that is??? I do have to say that I loved seeing those gigantic dogs! There are at least 3 at the festival!


Step Monster the Elder’s Wee Beastie. :sunglasses:


When are the Furman games? Can i go to observe? :relaxed: This looks like lots of fun

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Ok…officially mad as I live around the corner, and would have met you over there for a weird, non-disney liner meet😂.


We should have a Carolina’s Liner meet up when @SirGreggLadyV recovers from today’s people-ing.


Wow, he’s beautiful!!!

Greenville Highland Games are the Saturday of Memorial Day Weekend. Most people are there for the clan tents, to watch the games, eat food, and buy from the vendors. So yes, you can certainly watch. They have a great section for the kids (Wee Scotland), probably the best of any of the games.

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Oh, well, maybe next year!

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Great idea! Have you tried Frodo’s, yet?