Celebration of HP Jan 27-29

I just saw this announcement for Celebration of Harry Potter and it’s during our trip, but not during our planned Universal days. Has anyone been? I’m trying to figure out if it’s worth shaking up our schedule for it. Our current schedule has us at WDW until Jan 29th and staying onsite at universal for the 30th-Feb 3rd.

Our family are big fans. Kids are age 5 & 7. I’m wondering how well the events appeal to young kids, and how bad the crowds are.

The wwohp areas are mobbed Unless you buy the most $$$ package you will have to queue up for hours to get into the celebration events. With your kids ages I would avoid it. The characters are 10 plus years older and not recognisable from films. You will miss so much waiting in queues. Go your original dates wwohp is awesome and you will get much more out of it . If it was your 2nd 3rd visit and your kids were older I would consider it but not for first visit. Download the free e-book from tp website re wwohp and all its secrets and take your time to enjoy.

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Thank you, this is just the kind of feedback I need.

No problem here is the link for the free e-book https://touringplans.com/ebooks

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