Celebrating Birthdays? Ideas?

Our next trip to WDW will be almost on my birthday. (I tried to schedule for my birthday, but the closest we could get was to be departing for home on my birthday… I didn’t pick that one :frowning: I didn’t want to LEAVE WDW on my birthday! )
So, anyway, we won’t be there on my exact birthday, but I’d still like to celebrate. I’m looking for ideas. I know about the birthday buttons (I’m going to ask for one, but I probably won’t wear it because it won’t actually be my birthday.

I saw that we can order a birthday cake to have at any of our meals. Has anyone done this? Was it easy to arrange? Worth the price? I was thinking of doing this at Be Our Guest restaurant… but would we miss some good desserts there? (I’ve never eaten there before.) (FYI, We have reservations for Breakfast :CRT, Hollywood and Vine, Cape May Café. Dinner: Be Our Guest, Sanaa, Akershus, Restaurant Marrakesh.)

I also saw that you can have a gift basket delivered to your room from Disney Floral and Gifts. Was that worth the money? or difficult to arrange?

Are there any other suggestions of ways to celebrate? Or any advice on the above? I appreciate your suggestions. :slight_smile:

We had a cake for my son and while it was delicious and they gladly gave us a box for leftovers, we never really got around to enjoying it again, that was our fault and it was so sad to trash it when we left. This year we are just going to let the server know it’s his birthday and order cupcakes.

Price wasn’t all that bad compared to what cake prices are at home though.

I can’t speak to the desserts at BOG, but I ordered a cake for an anniversary celebration in August at Hollywood Brown Derby. The cake was excellent, and I thought it was reasonably priced. We went with chocolate cake with chocolate ganache frosting and strawberry filling. They brought it out to us with toasting wine for the adults, which was a nice touch. We went with the smallest size that was personalizable which I believe is an 8" - it was HUGE. We ate it several more times, and still had to throw some away. So I would recommend maybe doing the smaller size, depending on your group. It does mean that it cannot be personalized, though. Oh, and it was super easy to arrange.

I have never done a Disney Floral arrangement before, but I have used the website to browse and it all looks very easy to do.

TouringPlans Blog post with tips on celebrations at WDW http://blog.touringplans.com/2014/01/27/trip-planning-101-celebrating-disney-world/

I’ve been at WDW on my birthday for the last two years and I would recommend you to get the button and wear it! I understand that you may feel uneasy wearing it on the ‘wrong’ day but honestly the majority of CMs I spoke to were amazed that it was my actual birthday - they assume that most people with a button have chosen to celebrate a close event whilst they are at WDW even if it not the exact date.
It is the most lovely feeling to be wished happy birthday by so many people (CMs and other guests!