Cedar Point trip troubles

We did a day trip to Cedar Point today. Still in the park, actually, but getting ready to go. We planned the trip a few weeks ago, but as of yesterday and this morning, they were predicting rain more of the day.

We got to the park before opening…about 9:40. But they were already running a lot of the rides.

Then, the rain kicked in. Over the course of 3 hours and rain shutdowns, plus the fact they aren’t running full capacity because of staffing issues, we managed 2 rides in 3 hours. By 4:00 pm, we had only managed 4 rides. (Millennium Force, Maverick, Steal Vengeance, and Skyhawk.) But rain stopped around 3:00, and it has been beautiful weather since.

Fortunately, things improved after that. In the next 3 1/2 hours, we got rides on Magnum, Wicked Twister, Rougarou, Raptor, and Blue Streak. Still, wait times have been huge. We generally avoid weekends, and now I remember why.

I had a good time with my kids…and my wife had the entire house to herself all day long. Possibly for the first time in like 20 years!

Didn’t really take many photos, so nothing to post. But I will say, Cedar Point is not in full form yet. Pretty much no restrictions, but staff shortages has led to a lot of new staff training, which meant ride cycle times were much worse than normal. And then don’t get me started on their FastLane system. You thought I hated Fastpass+? Not nearly as much as I hate FastLane!

But truth is, it was a great time, regardless. Just want to make sure we do week days again going forward!


Oh. Interestingly, I did find a hidden Mickey on this trip, despite not being a Disney park…

And a few mormore ride photos I managed to take.


Man - been there. Did CP out of desperation on a weekend in August one time. Worst choice ever. Rain and weekend lines for days. I’ll never not go on a Tuesday again.

Ironically, they aren’t open on Tuesdays right now! They don’t have enough staff.

Those are some wild looking coasters!

Our local park (Carowinds) is also operated by Cedar Fair. They also have everything back to normal (except for requesting unvaccinated folks mask up indoors) but are also at limited capacity due to staffing. I largely avoid weekends too. We went to the water park last Tuesday and I didn’t realize it closed at 4. I guessed that they only have enough lifeguards for 1 shift/day. It’s definitely not the same and some things are lacking but at 30 minutes away I’m grateful to be able to go this summer.

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Good info, Ryan. Glad the ride pace picked up later in the day. My daughters are going there (without me :confused:) in a couple weeks as part of a church youth group road trip so this helps to know what they can expect. They’ll be there on a Thurs I think though, so hoping they’ll have a chance to get on a lot of stuff.

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Well now I don’t feel so sad about not being able to make a trip up this summer. Glad you at least got some good rides in once things picked up in the afternoon.

Obviously, the rain is outside their control. But hopefully within a couple weeks they will have the new staff trained and operating more efficiently.

Maverick was a particularly bad example. The ride usually runs 5 or 6 trains, but they only were running 4. And the person responsible for getting people into the station ready for the next trains was frequently leaving empty rows unnecessarily, further reducing capacity.

When the staff is fully trained, they can get through and keep up with 5 trains running no problem.

All the other coasters were somewhat similar. Time to get people loaded and then restraints checked seemed to be the biggest slow down. It was actually kind of cool to hear the main ride operator calling out times when they were falling behind…first counting down, and then counting up as they were going over. Trouble is…that overage adds up to rides not running efficiently.

Of course, we made do. While waiting for Maverick, which due to rain delays and then a brief mechanical issue, was almost 2 hours, my DS21 pulled out his phone and had us play this game kind of like Headbandz. We did that in line for a good 30 plus minutes of the time.

BTW, there were 7 of us total. I didn’t mention that before. Me, all my kids, and my DDIL.

Certain rides were definitely worth waiting for, but some are rides you should wait for the wait time to drop. We did Magnum with a 5 minute wait, Rougarou with a 10 minute wait (we saw it had a 5 minute wait, but by the time we got in line it was up to 10), Raptor with a 5 minute wait, Blue Streak with a 15 minute wait. Of course, Blue Streak is always worth riding. Magnum, while once super fun, has not aged well and is extremely rough. I do NOT recommend riding that one if you are bothered by roughness, and even then, try riding in the middle or front of the train. The back will beat you up something fierce.

Rougarou is another one that isn’t worth a long wait at all. It looks cool, but the actual experience of it is ho hum. It used to be a standup coaster, but was converted to a floorless. As such, the design elements just aren’t exciting. Still, if you can get on with a short wait, go ahead.

Raptor is definitely worth a shorter wait, but there are plenty of inverted coasters with similar or better experiences.

Rides that will generally ALWAYS have a long wait except at key times include Millennium Force and Steal Vengeance, which also are my top two favorite coasters in the world. We waited about 30 minutes for MF because we rope dropped it, and 75 minutes for SV.

ValRavn was 75-90 minutes pretty much all day. It is a fun ride, but ride capacity isn’t great, so wait times tend to be long. I would hold off unless you really want to ride it until wait times are 60 minutes or less.

Top Thrill Dragster was 60-105 minutes all day…when it was running. This coaster wins the most likely to be temporarily closed award. But truth is, as exciting as the launch is, it just isn’t worth more than a 30 minute wait. Only exception for me is if someone has never been on it. I am willing to wait longer in such a case because I think everyone should try it once. But in many ways Wicked Twister gives you a similar experience for a much shorter wait time (and, frankly, is more fun and longer ride).

Normally, we would also do Gatekeeper, but it was down because the chain on the lift broke a couple days earlier and still needed to be fixed.

We skipped Gemini, because it was a 30 minute wait, but usually we love that ride…as long as they are racing. Sometimes, they only run one side, which then makes it a ho hum experience. But when racing, it can be a blast (with the right mix of people). Usually wait times on this tend to be 10 minutes or less…but again, the training of staff I am sure played a significant role in the wait times.

Iron Dragon is also ho hum, although if you have young kids, they will love it. Still, wait times can creep up. It hit as high as 45 minutes, but tended to hover around 30.

FYI … sister park Kings Island is running with the same operational constraints but you can add in at least 1 early closure due to gang fights. Not adding up to a good season for Cedar Fair!

Oh no they bought out Schlitterbahn and I’m planning an August two day trip there. They better get it together by then!

I love reading your posts for nostalgia. It’s the only park I might love more than Disney just because of my own memories and experiences. I would love to hear them timing their load and launch process. Although, I hope they’re still wishing everyone a good day on america’s rockin’ roller coast :slight_smile:

They had everything running this time? Last year was a disaster, half the rides never opened due to staffing the full week we were there. Same with shops, restaurants, even restrooms. I can deal with a wait, but when you only get half a park and no warning the park wasn’t staffed, it leaves a bad impression. 12yo doesn’t want to return, and she’d been waiting to ride TDD for years.

Yeah. Pretty much everything was running. Not back to normal, but even most, if not all, of the places to eat were operating.

Of course, this was a weekend. I can’t say for sure the same is true on a weekday, when attendance is lower.

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