CBR without free dining or a cabin at Fort Wilderness with free dining

I am hoping to get some opinions from some of you, especially if you have stayed at CBR or the cabins at Fort Wilderness. We are a family of 4 (me, husband, and two girls 13 and 6). We had booked a package with a travel agent back in October for CBR for September 24th-October 1st. We were hoping on getting the free dining applied to this reservation when free dining was released as we have used this offer in the past and gotten a lot out of it. Unfortunately, our travel agent could not get us free dining at one of the moderates this morning. I was able to book a cabin at Fort Wilderness with the free dining offer using my Disney Visa, just now. However, it will be about $1300 more than our current reservation (granted we would have to pay for dining which would negate some of this extra cost).

The cabins do seem appealing in that it would allow us to spread out more as a family. We were also planning on going to Fort Wilderness on our resort day to rent canoes and explore, so this would make that really convenient. I have never stayed in the cabins, so I am not sure if they are really worth the extra cost. I would love to hear what others think to help me choose which reservation to keep!

The cabins get great reviews! And they’ve recently been updated. A few pros are that you do have a lot more room, they are more secluded so it’s nice and peaceful after the craziness of the parks, you don’t have a lot of traffic or people running past your door like you do in the value and moderate resorts.

Some cons are that it’s a big place. Most people recommend you get a golf cart so that you can get from place to place within FW. Using the internal bus system to get the main bus system can add some time to your transportation as well. Although the buses at CBR are usually the first thing people complain about as well since there are many stops and they often fill up before the last stop.

As for worth it it really depends on your take of the value. Would you be better off paying out of pocket for food? Are you calculating in the room only discount that you could likely still get instead of free dining?

I don’t think it would be a bad upgrade by any means but just depends on your budget, your dining habits, and where you would want to stay…

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Thanks Outer1! I did not realize they had recently updated the cabins so that is a nice consideration. We are pretty quiet people and having a little peace after a day in the parks sounds really appealing. The more I think about it, the more I am leaning towards upgrading to the cabin just for that element, especially since we are planning on a resort day.

As far as the calculation of the food costs, I have done a spreadsheet based upon menus and what we would typically order, so I probably need to further calculate the value of a room only discount. That is something I have not factored in.

We also have a quote to rent points for a room at Sarasota Springs. I tend to let my nerdy engineer side out by creating spreadsheets for everything, so I guess it is time to create some more! :slight_smile:

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Since you’re planning a resort day remember there are tons of things for that FW. They have horses, archery, basketball courts, and the chip and dale campfire sing a long and outdoor movie. Nothing wrong with spreadsheets. The more planning you do the better your experience will be.