CBR-walk to DHS &a Epcot?

My daughter and I are staying at CBR in June with Dance the World. Our family normally much prefers driving (even to MK) but since it will just be the two of us we are flying down. I noticed that CBR is next door to DHS and Epcot, but I can’t tell if it’s walkable. I did my best to search forums and Google but didn’t see great answers. So, are there sidewalks or paths from CBR and DHS and/or Epcot, or will we have to take a bus or car? If we can walk we will only need to rely on busses to MK so I won’t rent a car. If we need to use a vehicle for all 3 parks, I will research renting a car. TIA!

I don’t think it is. If I remember correctly, there’s a big highway or major road between CBR and the Epcot/HS area, and there isn’t a foot path or bridge across. It’s too bad!

We have stayed there. No. you can’t walk there. There are main roads in between the resort and the parks.

Here’s a thread from 2010 on disboards. No idea if it’s still true. Several ppl in the thread thought it was too dangerous, several thought it was just fine. Apparently there was a foot path, and also a stoplight at the busy street you’d need to cross, but again, I have no idea if that’s still there. I’m just trying to help search for an answer. You might wanna call the front desk of the hotel.

I dropped a pin on Google Maps at the international gateway for Epcot, and again at the entrance to DHS. In both cases it returned the following type of message:

Sorry, we could not calculate walking directions from “Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort, 900 Cayman Way, Orlando, FL 32830” to “Epcot Resorts-Hollywood Studios Connector, Kissimmee, FL 34747”

Thanks all, I too found the old Dis boards thread and tried to have Google give me walking directions. From Google maps, there is a sidewalk all along Buena Vista drive but it stops right at the intersection of Buena Vista and Victory Way. I was hoping for some real world experience about whether crossing that intersection from CBR is doable. Thanks for trying to help though!