CBR Skyliner or Uber

We are staying at CBR starting tomorrow. We want to try to be close to first ones there as possible. Should we take the Skyliner or Uber? If Skyliner, what time should we leave resort? TIA

Where is there?

Oops… good question. HS

If you opt for Skyliner, get in line early. We took the Skyliner (from Pop in our case) to get to HS one of the days and it took 56 minutes total. Most of that wait time was at the CBR station. (In our case, we had done ROTR on a previous day, so getting there later wasn’t an impact on our plans.)

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Thanks! I think I’ll Uber. How is the Skyliner on the way back to CBR from HS?

It is really only a problem in these situations:

  1. Early in the day (park opening)
  2. When there is lightning in the area! (Because it shuts down…and being where it is in Florida, this means it shuts down relatively frequently.)

But aside from that, the wait for the Skyliner was negligible.

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I would also recommend Uber to get there in the morning, it’s actually a very short ride from CBR. Then Skyliner for any further back and forth trips. There is too much benefit to early arrival to risk losing time on Skyliner waits/shutdown.

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Thank you!

I would uber, but I would have it take me from CBR to the Swan hotel. Then you can walk to HS from there. Walking is the way to ensure being at the very front, but you will have to plan on walking around 8:30. The parking lot at HS doesn’t open until closer to 9.


I want to echo @Wahoohokie here. If you use Uber and arrive before the parking lot opens you will be circling waiting to get in. There have been lots of reports of this happening recently.

The Swan or Dolphin are your best bets, since as far as I know they aren’t stopping people being dropped off, unlike WDW-owned resorts.


Very good point.