CBR room request Trinidad

We’re 60 days out, would really like to get Trinidad rooms. Has anyone used TPs to request the section only and gotten it? I haven’t had any luck with our reservations in the past. (No selections made on MDE)

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Yep. I requested Aruba last time I did CBR and got it with TP…

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We also requested Aruba and got it

I just tried to request with TP so I’ll let you know how it goes. I have been reading online that people go to check in and their is no record of any of their requests so I’m not optimistic.

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The room requests go directly to the room assigners I believe, not the resort. Years ago rooms were assigned at each resort, now the room assigners are located at one central location?


I only ask for sections of resorts when I do room requests vs specific rooms. I’ve had my requests met that way for the last 7 or 8 trips.


This was my strategy too! I requested building 45 CBR and got 51 - so really close, but my request was something along the lines of my priorities…

  1. want to be close to reservation x, adjoining room is good
  2. proximity to OPR and Skyliner

I had something else too but don’t remember now. I also thanked them for making our trip magical and reviewing our request.

We asked for 45 or 51, got put in 41 in 2017. Then 2019 asked for bottom floor at Poly, ended up on 3rd. Never ask for specific rooms or put anything in the check-in forms. Don’t know what it is, but my luck hasn’t been great. Really wish they would just open it as a booking category and I can be done with it.

I’m hoping for them too…want the mermaid theme! I put in a request for one of the ones closer to the bridge to the skyliner in Trinidad using touringplans. I put nothing in the Checkin thru Disney itself because I heard it confuses them to do both plus you can’t request specific room areas that way. Just like near a bus, first floor.


Did you get what you requested? I have a standard 5th sleeper and chatting with Disney says it’s not possible to get Trinidad with that category, even though I know it is now. I did not do any request through online check in, and have a request configured in touring plans. Hope that’s enough.

It’s for December so don’t know yet. But yes I did the same as you. Requested certain buildings via TP.

Yes - this is the current process. There’s one centralized group now.

For what it’s worth, we’ll be updating Caribbean Beach’s data on the room finder in the next couple of weeks. I’ve gone through Contemporary, Poly Villas, Old Key West, and Wilderness Lodge (cash rooms), looking at Disney’s new room categories.

The good news is that the vast, vast majority of new room views make sense. The thing that takes the time is the 1% of rooms where it doesn’t. (Like, why does ‘Resort View’ at Contemporary sometimes mean ‘Bay Lake’ or ‘Magic Kingdom’, and can we help users in any way there?)


We booked 5th sleeper water or pool view, requested Trinidad no specific buildings via touringplans. Got assigned 3625

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Nope, requested Jamaica block 45 or Aruba block 51 with TP and when we arrived at reception to check-in was told we were in Trinidad block 39, which is about as far away from everything as you can get. Even the receptionist was embarrassed and before I could say anything, immediately said “Let me call reservations and see if I can get something better.” We ended up getting Aruba 56, which although was a long walk to Old Port Royale, was brilliant for the Riviera and the Skyliner. The fact that there were soda machines nearby for the resort mugs was fantastic too.

All in all though I personally didn’t think the room reservation with TP was worth doing,but that was undoubtedly the fault of Disney reservations. If I’d have put in the request myself, it probably would have been the same outcome.


We have a fair amount of bus travel. Is it better to be near Riviera or to go to the first bus stop at CBR? How long is the walk from Aruba to the Riviera bus stop?

In the mornings, they split the CBR bus stops to do

Part A

Part B

It was fine for us to use CBR buses in the morning (we used the Jamaica stop) but at drop off or afternoons, it is 6 stops before you leave the resort. If you can walk to Riviera, you’d have just one stop.

Aruba and Jamaica are standard rooms. If you want to get to Martinique from Aruba, it would be quickest to walk by the Riviera and then you might as well take their bus. It is not a far walk - depending on how much you walk.

This map says is 0.5 miles from the Aruba pool to the riviera parking lot.

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Last month we stayed in Jamaica and don’t recall any other stops first thing in the morning. The pre-EE crowd at the bus stop was enough to basically fill the bus. And the bus was empty when it pulled up, so we weren’t joining a group that loaded at a previous stop. This was on the three mornings we took a bus.

Returning in the early afternoon, Jamaica wasn’t the first stop. But we were fine staying off our feet for a few extra minutes. I’m sure there were multiple stops heading back to MK later, but we only did that once so I forget the details. Getting on the Skyliner and hopping to HS or E was generally more appealing.


We’ve never had an issue just using the CBR buses - either from Aruba or Jamaica (depending on where we were staying) if we didn’t feel like walking or the main OPR one if we did. We don’t rush in the mornings though so I’m not sure if that would make a difference.

Guessing here but I think if you’re in some buildings in Aruba, the walk to the OPR bus might be similar to the walk to the Riveria bus.