CBR room locator?

Hi. We are headed to CBR in April We have a Water/Double Bed type of room (and need one with a Murphy bed - thanks to an earlier poster I found the CBR info on the DIS boards with lists of Murphy Beds http://www.disboards.com/threads/disneys-caribbean-beach-resort-information-questions-thread.3461094/ just in case anybody else needs it). I’ve been exploring the Touring Plan room locator. The Touring Plan Suggestions are all in the Preferred Martinique buildings 24,25 and 26. Our goal is to be as close to Port Royal as possible. So these are ideal HOWEVER everything I’ve read say that these buildings are Preferred which is not the type of room we’ve paid for. My second choices are 45 Jamaica and 22 Martinique. (I liked 51 Aruba but from the Map it looks like the smoking section is right outside of the waterview rooms.) My question is does anybody know or have any experience with putting buildings 24,25,26 with a Water/Double Reservation and getting it? I don’t want to pay any more for Preferred. But I don’t want to put in for a room I have no chance of getting either.

thanks in advance!

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We were just down there last week and stayed in 25 Jamaica. We didn’t have a water view, but our room did have the pull down Murphy bed and there was a door to connect next to us. I know that it’s not exactly what you were asking, but it’s at least the same building. Btw, we loved it! Bldg 25 was right by the bridge across to Port Royale and super close to the bus stop.