CBR Recommendations?

Staying at CBR in March (standard room, not pirate or preferred) and would appreciate any recommendations on the following:

  1. Preferred section for a room request? We will be making multiple visits to HS and EP, so proximity to the Skyliner would be more important than being near the main pool and restaurants.

  2. Have people using the Skyliner had good results getting to HS for rope drop? How far in advance of park opening are you lining up for the Skyliner? Sounds like it typically starts running an hour before official park open.

  3. How has the bus service worked out for rope drop at MK and AK? Would Uber be a better option for either?


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Buildings 45 & 51 are popular. Centrally located to everything. People are posting bus wait times over in chat. They are getting to bus stops about an hour and a half prior to park opening times. As far as bus service goes…people are Ubering to CR or GF for MK and Ubering AK as well…but busses are fairly close as to who gets there first.

Thanks for the reply!

I stayed at CBR for the first time in November in a standard room. We stayed in Jamaica room 4442. It was a great location overlooking a small courtyard. Jamaica is closest to Skyliner (unless you stay in another section and walk to Riviera’s skyliner). Bldg 44 was close to the bridge to walk over to the main pool area, but also very near the skyliner.

I did not use Skyliner to RD HS. We breakfast-ed at Trattoria Al Forno and walked over. The days we did see people lined up to go to either EP or HS for opening, the lines were very long and I just didn’t feel like I could trust getting there early enough for me.

We only took the bus to AK and DS. The wait wasn’t too bad either time, but I did wish we could have gotten to AK faster. I will say the line of cars to AK was long and the bus went another way instead of waiting in the long line. We took a Lyft to AK during our 2019 trip (from POR) and we ended up getting stuck in that line and watching all the busses zoom past us. THAT was not a pleasant feeling!

We ubered to Contemporary for breakfast and then walked to MK for RD. Apparently I love to make early breakfast reservations. I don’t think rideshare works well at MK because you get dropped somewhere else (TTC maybe?). Getting dropped at the Contemporary (and now I guess Grand Floridian since the walkway is open) gives you direct access and you can visit another hotel.

Jamaica is good for the Skyliner. Just be aware depending on your room you will hear it in your room.

When HS opened at 9 am I was in line at 7:15. I was the first one. People didn’t start to show up until about 7:45. So maybe somewhere between those times? Get yourself a donut and coffee at joffrey’s and hang out.

The buses for the most part worked out great. One day to MK was bad, but the HS skyliner was down so they rerouted a bunch of buses to go there instead and caused MK buses to be much more delayed and fewer and far between.
we again were out there about 1 hr and 15 minutes before the park opened and made it in plenty of time.

Good info - thanks!