CBR main pool

Anyone recently at or currently at CBR and can report back on the status of the main pool refurb?


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I was there last weekend. Pool was empty. Looked like they were resurfacing it. I didn’t see any active work going on but it could have been because they had just put in the new surface in the pool.

I am interested in this as well as arrive this coming weekend. We knew it would be closed until “end of March” but hoped that with Easter looming it may be finished before then.

Is anyone there now?

Saw a photo where they are filling the pool with water with a garden hose.

Thats going to take a while! I’m not there til Sunday so maybe half depth by then!


This morning I saw a clip of the pool filled on Insta stories but I’m not sure if it was an old video. Anybody there now that can confirm if it has reopened?