CBR for first visit


Getting a little anxious. I am booked to stay at the CBR the 9-14 of Dec. we were able to get the $75 a night gift cards and free dining, which I am super excited about! However, I am getting concerned, did I make the right choice? I don't think my family and I are very picky, but this is our first trip to WDW. We have been to DL several times, but wanted to experience WDW before my boys got too old (11 and 13). I don't think we are planning on spending too much time at the resort. It will be winter and I don't see the need for any breaks. What are your thoughts?


You will be spending a lot of time in the parks? I think you made a fabulous choice! What a deal! Free dining and the $75- wow! You are a great planner!


When I was a kid my family always stayed at CBR. I never cared. All I wanted was to see and do more in the parks! It's a nice hotel, but it really didn't matter to me what our hotel was like as a kid!


We are staying in CBR in October - also have the $75 a day deal.

Can we make use of the pools in the other hotels if we wished?


To my understanding you can only pool hop if you are DVC members.


@amy.n.stiner is right, no pool hopping.


I think you've got a great choice! You're going during (relatively) low travel season so crowds will be down, you scored free dining AND a bonus $75/night gift card to help with souvenirs. That is a Disney Planners dream, right there!


Thank you all for your feedback! I'm pretty proud of the deal I got :blush: I was just getting cold feet because I had listened to a few negative reviews, including one from a travel agent that strongly advised if it was your first time not staying at CBR. I am thinking that since we are coming from Disneyland resort where our value hotel is starting $295 (off season), we will be fine staying at a moderate at WDW for $202 a night with $75 a night in gift cards and free dining (sort of, I upgraded our dining to the table service plan for $450).


We stayed at CBR during our March trip, and decided that it is a great choice if traveling with kids. I think you've scored a real win here!


I have never been to WDW, but DL many times and always stay on property. I know When you are at DL they allow you pool hop only if you hotel's pool is under construction and even then you are told which pool you are allowed to access. I don't foresee this being the case For CBR b/c my understanding is all pools are operational, including the main themed pool. For us in December it is a non issue and I suspect that we will spend 95% of our waking hours at the parks. Hope you have a great trip and report back how your stay was!


Thank you great information. We will report back in the fullness of time.


I will be the lone dissenting voice, and say I wouldn't stay at a hotel under major construction if it was my first time at that hotel, let alone my first time at WDW. But I do understand why the deal is too good to pass up.


I appreciate your honesty and while it does give me pause, I was originally going to stay in a value hotel until I learned that they only have double beds (before I knew about Pop century refurb). As long as we are not right next to the construction, which based on the size of the resort, sounds like it is doable, I really think we will be okay. We may even have an advantage, by "not knowing any different." I have even gone so far to show my family YouTube video of what the construction looks like to make sure everyone is okay. They seem fine with it and are excited to spend the $ and the free dining. So fingers crossed we have a great vacation! If nothing else, it will be an adventure!


I'm sure it will be absolutely fine and you'll have a great time!


We're checking in to CBR next week and have a couple of pool afternoons and a full day at resort planned, so will try to report back on the experience.

Other reports online have been mostly positive, I've only seen a few people mention being able to hear the construction work, and even they said it was not too bad.


Oh that would be wonderful JJT! I had read some negative reviews on TripAdvisor and watched a review from a Travel agent on YouTube and got a little nervous, hence my post, but I am feeling much more confident now!


We debated long and hard over this, we also discussed it with friend who had stayed at the CBR last year, their view was to move to another hotel :slight_smile:

We were offered the $75 per day bonus, for us that is 21 days of stay which tallies in at a whopping $1575 spending money on top of our free dining that we upgraded to Table dining.

Given that we have Table dining we will already be eating away from CBR each evening and will not be back in the hotel until at least 8PM, for sleep and regeneration of energy :slight_smile:

My logic was to 'grab' the cash whilst it was offered. We can try it and see, if during our stay it gets in our way then we can request a move at that point and forgo the bonus cash. Maybe this will not be available, but I am sure there will be a room somewhere in Disney for us.

Yes, we have been drawn in by the $$$ but we are hopeful.

Looking forward to @JJt reporting back, it will help us further.

We are there in October and can report back thereafter.


Check out a thread, "Trip report 7/3-7/12". I am enjoying reading the gentleman's report (very detailed and entertaining). He stayed at CBR as well.


Thank you for the steer, what a great read.



Noticed I was @'d - I just got back last night and posted a CBR report over on this thread:

Hope your trip is great!