CBR and using Riviera Buses/Breakfast


We are staying at CBR in March. I am wondering if we can use Riviera buses and go there for breakfast? I ask this because OPR is quite far from Aruba (I am going to request Aruba or Jamaica I think) and CBR has so many bus stops that I though using the Riviera bus might be more efficient for our MK and AK days.

I figure that if I request Aruba: We can grab a quick breakfast at Epcot and HWS when we get there via skyliner (instead of walking to OPR since it is out of the way from the Skyliner). However, for our AK & MK days we might as well eat at the resort since we will be using the bus service anyways. Our option would be to walk to OPR and then use CBR bus or walk to Riviera. I figure since CBR has SOO many bus stops that it may be more efficient to go to Riviera.

Thanks for your help!

You can eat at any resort you like and use the buses as well.

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Thank you! I thought so but wanted to make sure.

I wonder if people this this specific situation would be convenient?

Depending on where you are in Aruba or Jamaica, the walk across the bridge to Old Port Royale is short. Also, not sure if it still is, but Martinique used to be the first outgoing bus stop and OPR was second. Martinique would be a shortish walk from the bridge too.

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Thank you for the info! That is helpful!

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