CBBR Layout

I will be travelling solo 11/15-18 for the Jim Hill “Universal Joint” podcast meet up. The headliner hotel for the meet is Aventura, but to save money, I am staying at CBBR for the first time in a poolside standard room. I am travelling with a mobility scooter.

Does anyone know what pod, wing, deck, layer, or era I should request for easiest access to the sidewalk to Aventura, SFR, and the water taxis? Should I ask at check-in for an alternative room type (I would pay the difference, of course, if needed)? For me, the most important thing is not to drain the batteries of my mobility assistance device just getting from the far depths of the resort to the front gates.

And before ya ask…no, changing resorts is not an option.

Bonus points if anyone has a resort map?!

Hoodlums Mom

Hi! Here’s the map, the red dot and number 11 is the Garden Walk to CityWalk, the Parks, and meets up with Sapphire Falls/Adventura.

I suggest asking for a room about two weeks before your trip for a room on the first floor close to the Garden Walk. Hope that helps!

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This is AMAZING! Thank you!

Which is the shortest path to the water taxi at SFR? Garden path around, or out front door and cross at the light? (I would probably use the light to get to meet-up events at Aventura, right?)

We stayed at CBBR and never did the Garden Path, but we did take the water taxi back to SFR one night on the mistaken assumption that the walk through SFR and across to CBBR would be shorter than the walk through CityWalk to the shuttle. The walk into the hotel, up two flights of circular stairs (not sure how far away an elevator would have been) and then out and across the road at the light (with no pedestrian crosswalk or walk signals) was not one I’d try with a scooter.

For Aventura, the shuttle to the parks often stopped there after CBBR before continuing on to CityWalk, so that might be an option.

I really loved CBBR’s theming and general vibe, and hope you have a great stay!

There is no sidewalk or crosswalk at CBBR to cross at the light. There’s also no walk signal, the only place to safely cross is the Garden Walk. You can use google maps to see the path from the garden walk to Adventura. The trip to the boat requires you to go through Sapphire Falls, at that point just take the bus.

Oh, dog breath!

For my event, I have meals at SFR and drinks at Aventura. I know approximately where the front entrance to CBBR is (I’ve stayed at SFR twice; I thought they were just across the street).

I’m not going only to the parks, and loathe the idea of getting on a bus. Looks like I might have no choice but to change hotels. But the food court at CBBR looked decent. :frowning_face:

You can go to the other hotels from CBBR, you just have to use the Garden Walk bridge to cross the street.

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Totally agree with this! It is doable and we love CBBR (and the food court is great!). Having a scooter, I think it would 100% be worth it for you to go this route or spring for SFR.

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Here’s the scooter accessible google maps path of how to travel to Sapphire/Adventura.


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Interesting that Google Maps shows a crossing at the light. But I don’t think I will risk that.

For my next trick, I have to figure out what room types are adjacent to the walking path. I will obviously be making that trek repeatedly.

Thanks again for the maps and great advice!