Cavalcade timing

Hi folks, I was wondering if anyone had an idea how long it takes the new Disney Adventure Friends cavalcade to get from Frontierland to Main Street USA. When we visited MK back in March of 2021 we had an ADR for Tony’s out on the front porch and it was magical seeing the cavalcades come by while we ate.

I know the new one is longer and less frequent, so I’m trying to determine if our existing 1:00 pm ADR for Tony’s would position us for a similar experience for the 2:25 cavalcade if we took our time eating and ordered apps, main course and dessert.

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It will take about 10-15 minutes for the first part of the cavalcade to reach Town Square. So yes you can linger. You might also need to wait to be seated upon check-in for a porch table.

I like the way you think. Sounds like a dreamy lunch.

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Thank you for the info! And good call about possibly needing to wait to be seated outside! Hoping the timing works out for us.