Cavalcade times now posted in MDE app

Not sure if anyone had posted this. Could be useful as a planning tool too,

Times for cavalcades in all 4 parks are now shown in the MDE app.


I thought the whole point was that they are random. I guess they aren’t worrying anymore about crowds gathering but with Florida’s numbers not looking great, it might have been wiser to keep them random.


I don’t think they have enough CMs back to run the parades.

A lot of the character performers, for example, have been brought back but are in other roles until they can hire enough people to release them.

I know but that doesn’t mean they can’t have random cavalcades does it? Maybe the randomness was getting bad feedback.

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I agree w/ you. The randomness was part of the fun too. Last year for the Halloween cavalcades they posted which days the different ones could be seen. I did like that and I think that was enough.


I see what you mean.

I suspect CMs are fielding a lot of questions about when they are, and it was decided they might as well fix the times.


Yes that makes sense.

I still think it will probably “feel” random if you are walking down the street. I also did enjoy hearing the music get loud and looking to see who was coming. But at the same time we wasted a ton of timing waiting and hoping for the Main Street Philharmonic and never actually saw them! Since they aren’t doing any sort of selfie spots or other character greetings, I think it makes sense to set a schedule of the cavalcades. Not that FL seems to care, but I don’t think they’ll cause the usual parade crowding since they are so short and happen so often.

Maybe this is more of a sign that they are likely to be semi-permanent?