Catching the Hogwarts Projection Show

I really love projection shows (like Happily Ever After at MK) and just saw the Christmas version of the projections on Hogwarts Castle. We’re pondering a return trip and I’d want to be sure to get to see the show again, but I see that it’s not offered every night. We are thinking of either the week after Easter or sometime in the second half of August. Would the Hogwarts projection show be running then? I’m assuming it would be the basic one, not one of the seasonal ones. Also, if we had a trip of 4 or 5 nights would they be likely to play it on one of those nights? Thank you for any information.

I was there in late April / Early May this year and they did have projection shows on Hogwarts. It wasn’t every night - as you’ve mentioned.

Sorry that I can’t tell you more. Shows are so hard to predict as they are the easiest for parks to cut when they have budgeting / scheduling issues.

if you are there for four or five nights, I would practically guarantee that at least one of those nights, it would be showing. More than likely, it would be showing on two or three of those evenings, barring any special events that close the park early.

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