Castle Inn vs HOJO

I booked HOJO but I am looking at great deals, 50 euro cheaper a night, in Castle inn. I am tempted to change. The price difference could pay for something like WOC package

Any views? How do the area and rooms compare?

I love Castle Inn! It is not a fancy hotel, but it is clean. I spend very little time in the hotel, so really, all I need is a safe, clean place to sleep. It is also VERY close to the parks. HOJO is also very close, and clean, maybe a teeny tiny bit more updated. If you have young children with you, and will want a break from the parks, HOJO has an amazing water playground/pool area. That alone may make it worth the extra euro per night. I’d say, if you care about the pool - go with HOJO, and if you don’t, switch and get WOC packages! Both hotels are blocks from each other - so location makes no difference, they are both close to the entrance of DL.


My family of three had a great stay at the HOJO (2 adults and a 3 1/2 year old). HOJO was really close to the Disneyland entrance and the splash park/water play area at HOJO was fantastic! I agree with sfgiantsjo; if you have young kids, consider keeping your reservation at HOJO so you can enjoy the waterplay area during your afternoon breaks!

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