Cast member gifts

I’m making tags for my little gifts I’m making to hand out to CM’s. I need opinions on wording. I don’t know how to make a poll so I’ll just do 1,2,3

1- Thank you for the magic
2- Thank you for making magic
3- You are the magic (too snarky?)

Or I’m open to other ideas.

I simplified my pattern to make them quicker and glued a magnet on the back instead of the ribbon loop.


Thank you for making the magic

What is this attached to?

Oops forgot the pic! I fixed it

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Those are SO sweet! I hope they love them and your love note :wink:

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Option 2. To me, it emphasizes that they MAKE the magic, not just hand it out or serve it up.

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Agree 2- so cute!

If you are comfortable to do this, I put my social media name on my tiny porgs and two cast members did reach out to me to say thank you again. I had wonderful pictures of them both and so I was happy to get to share with them pictures of them at work.


I forgot to say that they are so cute!!! I know how much effort goes into these kinds of things and I love them so much!!!


WOw those are fantastic!

And I would also go with option #2