Cast Compliment feature coming to MDE

I was called by the dealership and asked to change my review bc it would impact his review and potential promotion or raise.

I say: do better then. Don’t ask me to lie for you.

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And don’t hold people to an unreasonable standard

That’s about minimizing their bottom line since if he doesn’t achieve that unreasonable standard they don’t have to reward him.

That’s a shitty way to treat people


But I thought everyone was supposed to get a trophy for playing these days.

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The reason dealerships do this actually goes back to the motor companies.

So, Ford, for example, grants a dealership the right to be called a Ford Dealership. But part of that right means they must meet certain quality standards they set. How do they determine if they are meeting those standards? But sending surveys to the customersbof those dealerships. Now, the dealerships themselves have reason to keep quality up, or they could have their right revoked. This causes the dealership to put pressure on the employees to perform…using the results of the Ford survey as part of their performance review.

The concept seems reasonable…but in practice, it leads to a lot of problems.

My DH is the used car manager at a car dealership. For whatever reason the manufacturers only know, anything below a 10 is counted as a failing grade. Which is dumb because as a consumer, 8-9 seems like a pretty good score to me. It’s better to not fill the survey out than to give anything less than a 10 as far as their metrics which impact their allocations and some bonus money. At least in my experience, the good dealerships really will go above and beyond to make it a 10 for you if you tell them about shortcomings during the sales process (which also leads to gamesmanship on the consumer part… demanding free stuff on threat of a bad survey score). Anyway. Far from a perfect system.

(Yes I know… lawyer married used car sales man… literally the two most joked/hated professions… but you should see our kids negotiate for dessert and bedtime :star_struck:)