Cast Compliment feature coming to MDE

You can now give compliments to CMs via the MDE app.

I like this! :blush: Unfortunately you cannot specify a name, just an area. And no free form field either. That’s an oversight they should correct IMO.


I think someone discovered this before but it was buried and not openly publicized

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Yep I’d still sure and still send cast compliments with names to Guest.Services@DisneyWorld.


Seems pointless to use this if you can’t be more specific than Magic Kingdom dining. It actually feels like a way for Disney to reduce the number of actual emails they have to go through, and not a way to compliment cast members.


That is sad if Ryan is right.

Is this an email? Guest.Services@DisneyWorld

When I was at USF it seemed that Twitter was the way to go, but I wasn’t able to do any case compliments because I don’t support child p—. I don’t normally do email on my phone, but I could set it up just for that.

It’s just missing the .com.

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Updating this is to say they’re introducing this for individual CMs as of today.


This is awesome!

You can add names now


My guess is that it’s a way for Walt to set goals for groups of CM’s after measuring the compliments, and level setting. Then they can adjust pay (and/or continued employment) accordingly.

oh boy, I hope not b/c I see too many ppl that are clueless about MDE and/or WDW

I can honestly say I think that in the future, the CM’s will start asking people to go into MDE and “rate” their service like what happens at most retailers and fast food establishments now. “There is a survey on your receipt, please fill it out and you will get a…”

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Oh, wow. I hope not. Not only is that annoying for the customer, I also feel like it screams poor management. Apparently management can’t be bothered to judge their own employees themselves, they have to use customer surveys to do their jobs for them!


Have you ever tried to manage employees and shop for yachts at the same time? Something’s gotta give.



You’re right. How insensitive of me!

CMs do it on the phones already and it’s annoying AF

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I generally have a rule…if you ASK me to fill out a survey, I won’t. If you don’t ask me, I might.

Car dealerships are terrible this way. They basically threaten you to give them all 10s, and if I don’t feel I can, let them know so that they put it right. Trouble with that is, if I didn’t feel you deserved a 10, then me telling you so and you trying to make up for it after the fact doesn’t correct the lack of behavior that lead to NOT deserving a 10!

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Precisely my attitude.

I OFTEN go out of my way to provide feedback to various establishments when I have had exceptional service. I LIKE doing that. I hope it makes someone’s day to know that they made mine!

But soliciting that? Pass.


i’m ok with the survey after the fact, what I’m not ok with is “I have provided 5 star service for you today?”

“I would appreciate it if you would give me a perfect rating on the survey coming up after this call.”

Not a fan when they hint at or tell me what they feel I should be filling in. Kinda defeats the purpose.

But then it also gets worse when I learned Car Dealerships (around me) consider ANY survey, unless it’s a perfect one, as a negative review. Like…why? Why do that to yourself?

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