Cast Compliment feature coming to MDE

You can now give compliments to CMs via the MDE app.

I like this! :blush: Unfortunately you cannot specify a name, just an area. And no free form field either. That’s an oversight they should correct IMO.


I think someone discovered this before but it was buried and not openly publicized

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Yep I’d still sure and still send cast compliments with names to Guest.Services@DisneyWorld.


Seems pointless to use this if you can’t be more specific than Magic Kingdom dining. It actually feels like a way for Disney to reduce the number of actual emails they have to go through, and not a way to compliment cast members.


That is sad if Ryan is right.

Is this an email? Guest.Services@DisneyWorld

When I was at USF it seemed that Twitter was the way to go, but I wasn’t able to do any case compliments because I don’t support child p—. I don’t normally do email on my phone, but I could set it up just for that.

It’s just missing the .com.

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