Cash, debit cards and Disney Gift Cards on a Magic Band Question

I have a dilemma and may be way overthinking my problem.

Most of our spending money for Disney is in cash. My plan was to add the cash to the magic bands and everything would be fine. Now I understand from Disney and Reddit, that the Disney resorts will not accept cash to tie to a magic band. Boo.

So my alternate plan was to visit the Disney Store before the trip and put our cash on a Disney gift card, then either just use the gift card at the Parks, or attach the gift card to the magic band. (Pre-paid Visa cards have fees and our bank does not issue them anymore.)

I did not want to use my debit card for risk of going over travel spending budget. Clearly I have no willpower when faced with awesome Disney merchandise :smile:

I have two kids 9 and 5. The DDs have earned separate amounts of Disney money and we wanted to keep their money theirs (if that makes sense) so they can spend it as they wish.*

I was thinking about getting each kid a Disney gift card, leaving those alone, not attached to a magic band, and getting a third with the remainder and attaching that to a magic band and carrying just a little cash in the parks.

Am I way overthinking this? Or does anyone else have any other ideas? We leave on Friday, but have three days in Kissimmee before moving to Corando Springs.


*except on lollipops bigger than their heads. That just doesn’t end well for anyone :smile:

Hm. On my most recent trip, the hotel concierge told me that they could not leave any excess amount on your room charge. I ended up putting my debit card information down at the desk, then paying down the balance with giftcards and cash every other night. Might that work for you?

That’s a great idea @theredhead! That note about excess amount would explain the reluctance for cash and makes sense.

We could do the same. Thanks!

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Sure thing! I’m really glad I could help, and I hope you have a blast on your trip!

I like to use gift cards as a way of limiting my spending. You can either just use them or apply them to any charges you use your MB for, as @theredhead says. You can’t link gift cards to the your MB but you don’t have to link anything if you just use the gift cards instead.

Also, I do the same thing with my kids - I put a set amount of $$ on a gift card each trip and that’s what they have for spending money. I write their name on the card, and I hold on to it for them.