Cash and Points Stay

With the newly released room rate offer, I’m looking at a long weekend trip towards the end of April. My girls have an institute day at school and the airfare is very cheap for the dates we want to go. The problem is I have a June use year. I’ve already borrowed quite a bit of points from 2024 when I took my October 2023 trip. I have enough points for one night and then would pay cash for two nights. My question is - would I have to change rooms? If I’m staying on points one night and cash two nights, would they let me stay in the same room?


No guarantees…but when we booked in 2020 at Boardwalk, we had two different reservations, same room category. I just had to let them know day of and they kept me in the same room. There is a CHANCE they would make you change rooms if there is no other availability, the room you are in is needed for a second, longer reservation.

MOST LIKELY, they would be able to keep you in the same room.




As Ryan said they do their best not to make you move.

But to minimize risk of needing to move realize that on points you’re booking a deluxe studio and be sure to book that same category for the cash stay (vs the hotel side in which case you will almost 100% have to move)


Thank you!