Carthay Circle World of Color Dining

Are taking our first trip to Disneyland this September and am wondering if the Carthay Circle dining option with World of Color reserved viewing is worth the expense?

We did it back in 2013 and 100% worth it!! We loved having a saved spot and we weren’t squashed either. We wanted to eat at the amazingly yummy Carthay anyway. So win-win!

I’m planning a trip in June 2015 and I really want to do Carthay Circle WoC lunch. The food looks “fancy pants” and I think it will be nice not to have to worry about FP or standby for WoC.

I only think it’s worth it if you’re going to eat there anyway and like the WOC menu items. You can get just as good of view without it, and you aren’t guaranteed an unobstructed view. If a lot of guests get the package, and you show up just 15 minutes before like the CM will tell you you can, you can have a terrible view. It just doesn’t necessarily save you a lot of time, and other views are just as good.

WOC menu items? Do they have two different menus one for people going to the show and a menu for regular diners? We are also going for my birthday in June.

When you pay to eat there you can buy whatever you want to eat. When you pay for the world of color package it is a set price so they give you a limited menu to choose from.

Do they also have a children’s menu? I’m so glad you talked about this!

We enjoyed this when we did it a couple years ago. Bonus…we happened to be eating upstairs when the parade went by. We were able to walk out on the balcony upstairs and watched the parade from above.

Not sure if it’s worth it, but I agree 16th the advice to get there early, no matter where you are, you want to be right in the front on the rail in your section, the view drops off fast when you’re a row or two back as most the show starts at water level and there’s no elevation within each section, so you’re looking at s lot of people’s heads

We chose the WoC Carthay Circle package for the first time and we agree with the other users here that it is definitely worth the investment. The pre-fixe menu is delicious. We had the filet, mixed greens, and crème brulee. If you’re an AP holder, you get a 15% discount. The reserved area for World of Color is just below Ariel’s Undersea Adventure and it has a splendid view of the show. Make sure to go a little early. The right side of the reserved area is for ADA guests, so stake out the left side without the trees. It’s piece of mind to know that you don’t need to fight the crowds and can relax just prior to going.