Carseat Fees for Rental Cars? Taxis?

Okay, I’m hoping they’re some great tips out there on this!

My husband has a business discount at Avis, but renting 2 boosters and 1 safety seat at $13 each day ($39 daily) is almost the cost of the car rental itself! $250 for car, $273 for carseats.

Am I missing something here? Do you know of a better rental place for carseats?? We haven’t checked into Orbitz or anything yet…

Part of the deal is that we’re flying into Sanford Airport and driving to Homosassa Springs first. IF, we dropped off at Orlando International on the way back and took the Magical Express after 4 days, we would still have to pay for a 45 min cab right to Sanford. I think the price difference may just about even out!

Thanks in advance for any thoughts on ways to cut costs!

Does your airline charge to bring a car seat? We fly southwest and you can check in one stroller and one car seat per child at no extra charge in addition to your bags.


Thank you, I just checked the fine print. We can bring carseats for no charge! We have to pay for everything else for Allegiant, so I was nervous.

Looks like we’ll definitely bring our carseats.

Thank you!

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That is great! Enjoy your trip!

Not sure where you are flying out of but last time we flew with our convertible car seat, there was a “plastic wrap” machine that the airport guy wrapped it perfectly so we could check it without worrying it would get wrecked :slight_smile:

Bring your own carseat for sure. You don’t know what a rental one has been through. Flying with one is definitely a pain though.

We bought a cheap one for flying that is also smaller and lighter than the big Britax one we use daily.

I’m renting a car seat through Avis in my upcoming trip. It worked out to something like $70 for 6 days (just one seat). In my book that’s worth it just to avoid the hassle of carrying through the airport 4x, but I can see how $273 is pushing it. Good luck!

Hertz charges $40 flat fee.

If you plan to fly alot, there are specific FAA-regulated airplane carseats that are smaller/have wheels. Either way, I believe it’s federally regulated to allow car seats to fly for free. Delta also allows strollers to be gate-checked for free.