Carrying Passports for dining

Just a thought do you need to carry your passport about with you all day if you intend to have a alcoholic drink with you evening ADR reservation in all the Disney Parks?

There have been reports that you will need your passport for purchasing alcohol .

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I thought you might but wondered if they could pick your date of birth up from your magic band if you are a guest at one of there hotels from when you booked in as we are on there dining plan so will need to get our bands scanned at meal times.

I witnessed a group being asked for passports at both Mexico and England pavilions. First group was turned away because they didn’t have them. I didn’t witness any other pavillion even try to card someone, including me and I look like I’m 12.

Ok thanks I don’t think I will have that problem looking 12😂 (I wish) . It’s more for my son really he is 21 so first time for him to be able to drink in America.

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Definitely take them with you. DS turned 21 just before Christmas and was always asked for Id. He also got a couple of free drinks when they realised he’d just had his birthday lol!

The funny thing was, at TOTWL, they just looked at his birthday button that said 21 on it, and accepted it! That was our arrival day.

You’ll need Id anyway for DVC discounts, so just take his too.

US restaurants are required by law to check ID for anyone ordering alcohol. (With exceptions by state that you don’t have to “card” anyone over a certain age, like 30 or so… not sure of the specific laws in Florida.)

Some restaurants/bars simply enforce a 100% ID check on their own to avoid any possible problems.

Is this for general ADRs or only if your buying alcohol?I don’t drink and I don’t really want to carry my passport etc around with me. I’m 30 but look like a teenager. It sounds good in theory but it’s highly impractical for situations like this. There’s also only so many times you can have your son mistaken for your brother before it becomes annoying rather than amusing.

ID should only be an issue if you are ordering alcohol. No ID would be needed to just claim your ADR etc. It’s just a legal liability issue to ensure they are only serving adults alcohol that they would require it.

My mate whom is over 50 was asked for ID at Moe’s Tavern last week!

I wasn’t asked once to show my ID during the whole trip. And I ordered a beer at nearly every meal. And I am not that old :wink:

Thank you! I was starting to get concerned about potentially dropping my passport somewhere in Epcot. Nightmare!

I definitely wasn’t happy about carrying passports about. We carried our driving licences (from UK) and photocopies of our passports for tours we’d booked and in case of ID request when buying alcohol. We’d read somewhere that the photocopy of the passport was acceptable. But I can’t remember where it said that, if I find it I’ll post it on here. Having said that neither of us got ID’d :pensive: And I would say we both look 21 at the oldest!!! :joy:

We had our ID and photocopy of our passports and it worked for us. Our Canadian driver’s license was not enough though.

The law in Florida requires that foreign IDs be in the form of Passports… HOWEVER they also allow for copies or photos. The easiest thing to do to avoid having to carry your passport around all the time are to have your DL and a picture of your passport on your phone. This was perfectly acceptable to every CM we were IDed by on our last trip. Some took just the DL but most required the passport photo (as they should have)

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