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Hi Everyone -

My family is thinking of spending the weekend in San Diego and I was wondering if anyone has thoughts on a good beach? Specifically, we are considering staying at the Legoland Hotel (park isn’t open but hotel is). We usually go to Mission Beach but it gets really crowded (and this is Labor Day weekend!) so wondering if there is any inside knowledge on less crowded beaches in the time of COVID, if such a thing exists. Also closer to Carlsbad would be great.

Hey @Jeff_AZ I have a friend who lives IN Carlsbad. I will share your message with her and see what she has to suggest.

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[This is a complete sentence.]

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She says:

"Well that hotel just happens to be in my neighborhood - I drive by it daily.

Legoland is opening up the aquarium this weekend! And they have Mini-USA open as well!

All the beaches will be crowded this weekend but you are better off in Carlsbad than in Mission.

Locals go to the north beach but you don’t have super close amenities. The Tamarack Beach and Carlsbad Village Dr beach (those are both streets that dead end at the water) both have both surf shops, food and bathrooms relatively close.

I would recommend they get down there early to find a parking spot."


Tell your friend THANK YOU!!!


The locals know it best down there!

My parents had a timeshare at Carlsbad Inn. I spent quite a bit of time down there, but too long ago to be of any real help. Though if you happen to find yourself at or by the Inn, there’s a cute little ice cream shop on the North side of the building. And directly across the street from the Inn is a pizza place that’s been there forever. Really yummy.

The beaches in Carlsbad are spectacular. I could spend hours just sitting on the sand, watching the dolphins play in the water. It’s a cute beach town, perfect for sitting on the sand or walking the shops. If I could get either my husband or my kid to sit still for more than 2 minutes, we would be down there a lot more.

Beaches are always going to be crowded, especially with the all of the restrictions, but Carlsbad never got as crowded as say Laguna or any of the LA beaches. As far as San Diego was concerned, the only beach I went down there was by the Del. Anything else paled in comparison to spending the day at the Zoo or Old Town for those yummy margaritas and tacos…MMMMMMMMMM.

Lego Land is great, we had a really good time there, with my son wanting to go back for his 11th birthday. We spent it at Disney instead (mean mommy), but it’s certainly fun to walk arounmmd and see everything. There’s a great museum and restaurant in Carlsbad.

It was a great way to kill an hour for traffic to clear out after the park closed and before we headed back up to Vegas.

You guys will have THE BEST time!

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Thanks for the tips!

New England inspired New American cuisine?!

Cannot go wrong with that!

This New England gal is off to peruse that menu!


It passes muster.


It admittedly lacks all of the history and authenticity of the East Coast. But the fact that it even tries makes it a fun stop for us.

The beach theme can get a little old when that’s where you are. California is a big state. Seriously. More than beaches here…change the theme up people :crazy_face::crazy_face:


Also. After today I have come to the realization that I might be slightly food obsessed. I’m sensing my own theme here.