Caring For Giants Trip Report

This hour long excursion takes place behind the scenes in Animal Kingdom. We walked backstage of the safari and took a little bus/van thing to an area where some elephants are housed but actually did our observing behind a small fence on the backside of the safari. We spent a good 45 minutes watching two young and one older male frolic.

Apparently it’s kinda rare for the elephants to be so active for these tours, our guide said sometimes all they do is sleep during them.

As you can see, it was a pretty awesome encounter.


That’s amazing! When @LTinNC82 did hers the other day, the elephants walked away out of sight right after the tour started! So you were indeed a lucky group. Did you hold the poo :poop:?


No. Other than making a few comments on the drive to and from, our guide didn’t really say anything about “caring for giants.” I think she was just letting us enjoy all the elephant action.


Wow how amazing and great memories for you to have.


@jab300 Is this something that can be done w limited mobility. DD10 broke her big toe. She has a boot on it and can walk short distances, but will likely have a knee scooter with her. Do you think that will be a problem?

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Not a problem. There is not much walking involved and a ramp in the backstage area.


Thanks for the feedback!