Caring for Giants tour

Have you been on this tour? Is it all walking? Are there a lot of people on each tour? Do I need a reservation ahead of time or can I just go up to it same day?

I have!

You walk from the check-in point to your shuttle. Then you walk from your shuttle to the viewing area. And then reverse that. The walking distances are very short. It’s a short tour after all!

You may want a reservation ahead of time if you need/want a specific time slot. Else you probably can get one same day if you’re flexible.

They do limit the size of each group. Our group had maybe 10 people in it. I would imagine you can’t have a group larger than the shuttle size which maybe seats 12?


I just got off the phone to book this for June and was able to get to the date and time I wanted. They also had an AP discount.


Thanks. I know the Behind the Seeds is supposed to be all walking, so I wondered if this was, too. But if it’s a ride, then my DH and teens might not mind indulging mom.

Would you do the Safari before or after the Caring for Giants?

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I would do it after, just in case there are any delays. You don’t want to be late for this reservation, whether made the same day or in advance

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Yeah, I wondered if they’d just honor it for the next one, if there was availability, but I’d rather that time was nailed down and we made it on time.

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Is there a better time of day to go? My date has these offerings:


I was thinking 1 or 1:30, but that might be heat of the day (March). Would I be better off to book something later or earlier?

I think we did the 1030 but I’ve not heard any reviews that there is a not great time.

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I made my reservation. The CM told me that they don’t do walk-ups. I’d rather have it pinned down, anyway.

She also said all adults have to have photo id. Not sure why. So will my 6’3" 16 year old son have trouble? I mean, he doesn’t have photo id other than a passport, so I’m hoping they don’t think he’s older than he is and require id.

Anyone else have to provide photo id or get challenged for it?