Caricature, Silhouette and Parasol Artists are back!

Maybe I’m the only one super excited about this, but…


I have silhouettes of each of my kids done at DS :slight_smile:


But do you have silhouettes of them with masks?


Ooh good point.


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I have a double one from last year, but I’m being a terrible mother and only bringing one this time. I literally asked DH today if it would be horrible to get just one of him!

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They are asking for a picture! And even have little printer stations to print one off of your phone.

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This is very exciting! Just one more little magical piece being brought back! I wish Disney had a list of what’s coming back soon or the order they’d like to bring things back. Hahaha very high maintenance of me :laughing:


Right there with you!!

I am very anxiously awaiting what equity shows will come back first! Jim and Len on the Disney Dish seemed to suggest that Disney would like to start opening some by Labor Day!

Frozen Sing Along needs to come back.


I’m hoping for HDDMR in November. Parks are closing early and that would be a pleasant way to spend an evening.


Has anyone ever bought one of the parasols? I’ve always been curious: what do you do with them afterwards?

The others you obviously hang on a wall, is that the same for the umbrella-that-isn’t-useful-in-the-rain (which is what Parasol means in Latin, if you didn’t know).

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We saw lots of people using umbrellas/parasols in the sun during our trip.

Interesting about the Latin definition. I would have thought it meant “for sun”, since para means from and sol means sun. Learn something new every day!

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The personalized parasol we purchased in EP was my 7 year old daughter’s favorite souvenir from our most recent trip. She actually used it to shade her from the sun most of the trip. My other daughter regrets she didn’t buy one too. It hasn’t been much useful at home, but she still treasures it.

Talked about this at work today actually. Those who have done it say they are folded up in the closet now :joy:

I just googled equity workers (because I’m not hip with lingo :joy:) and came across an article on WDWNT saying they reached an agreement to come back! Labor Day seems like a good marker to bring things back. I always forget to listen to the podcasts!

Can’t do it, singing is more dangerous than drunk driving these days! :wink:

Music class at my kids school forbids singing at the moment.


I wish they banned singing when I was in elementary school.



You are such a buzzkill.

I hate when you’re right.

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My dd’s theatre group has license for two amazing musicals and who knows when they’ll be able to start working on them. So many tears at our house…