Caribbean or New Orleans Riverside

Trying to decide between these two resorts for October, 2018. (Two adults - no kids).

Any tips/preferences. Will the construction works be finished at Caribbean by then?

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No, it will be ongoing according to the UK WDW site:

Q What are the refurbishment dates for Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort? When will work be complete?

A Beginning in May 2017, Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort will undergo multiple refurbishment projects over the next two years.

I haven’t been to either so I couldn’t say which was better.

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I really like both of those resorts. Depending on where they are working at Caribbean at the time that you are going would help me decide.

Today I would choose POR.

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Both the gondolas and the Riviera DVC resort are due to open in 2019.

In a year’s time they will presumably be actually building the new resort. The main gondola station may well be built but I don’t know when the actual cable installation etc will happen.

Either way the area of the new resort will be a proper building site, not just ground clearing as it is now.

However the new check-in and restaurant areas of CBR should be finished, at least I would hope so.

Personally I would stick with POR or POFQ.

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Let me just tell you how wonderful CBR is, even with the construction.
First every single person that has posted on an online forum or on fb fan sites has RAVED about CBR during construction.
Second there are characters there, at the pool.evety single day, doing games and parties and music. No other resort has this that I’m aware of.
Third because of construction Disney is bending over backwards to make your stay delightful. Including that the price point is far better than POR or POFQ.
Fourth the pool at CBR is so much nicer than the other 2.
I have stayed in all 3…
And quite awhile ago CBR became my “home resort”.
The only quality POR and POFQ have over CBR is their proximity and boat ride to Disney Springs, imho.
I would definitely go with CBR!


POR is a lovely, charming, and peaceful resort! My DH and I thoroughly enjoyed it for our “just us” trip!

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The construction is going to get worse though I think.

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But I also believe that Disney will continue to work around the construction with minimal impact on guests.
So far they’ve done a bang up job of making it enjoyable for their guests.

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It is true that up until recently CBR has had no complaints during construction. That is starting to change. I am currently booked there for November, so I’ve been watching. Apparently the construction is becoming more intrusive. Many who have stayed there recently are suggesting they would only do it again if the gift card offer is reinstated or with a rack rate discount. Even then it is not recommended for first time guests in “The World” due it feeling the opposite of “magical”. I am currently at rack rate and no gift card offer. I can get a POR room at rack rate for roughly $15 extra per night. I am calling my travel agent tomorrow to change my reservation.

We were really looking forward to our CBR stay, but it will be there -bigger and better- for our next trip! My advice is to sit tight and see if new CBR promos start showing up as people back out. Watch the boards to see if the problems people are experiencing is worth the discount. You still have plenty of time!

One other thing, I wouldn’t put much clout on meeting characters at the resort. If it is a regular occurrence now, it won’t necessarily be when you go. Disney is notorious for changing/discontinuing even major benefits with absolutely no reason or warning, let alone one that hasn’t even been put in writing. Here today, gone tomorrow.


Oh, one more thing . . . I just watched a YouTube review yesterday by a couple that touts POFQ as one of the best resorts on property for couples due to its architecture, landscaping and size. They said that because it is “small” (half the size of CBR and the smallest on property, if I remember correctly) it feels more intimate. That may be something to keep in mind since you will not have children in tow.

Yes POFQ is the smallest resort, love it there.

Thanks everyone for the great information.

At the moment, I’m leaning towards Riverside because of the pools and the restaurant but I think I can’t go wrong with either.

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CBR has always been what I’ve considered my Disney Home, but I’m jumping ship - in this case AKL because it was not THAT much more than POR for my upcoming visit and I decided to treat myself - not because of the construction in and of itself but because I’m gluten-free, and I’ve heard some horror stories about people with food allergies and trying to get food (not pre-packaged) at the resort. I didn’t want to have to eat elsewhere every day, so I scratched it off the list as they are not scheduled to have a normal dining area (as in not a tent and trucks) until well after my Feb visit.

I also much prefer CBR to POFQ OR POR…
That being said, I would absolutely stay at one of the Ports right now and would especially recommend it to a first timer because of the construction and food availability (lack thereof)!

Just mho…

CBR is all open now as far as I know. Sebastian’s has been taking bookings since Oct / Nov I think.

The only construction is around the gondola station and over at Riviera.

Yep. We just got back from a stay and we were in Martinique (other side of the lake from the construction) and everything was open and running (not quite smoothly yet - still a few cast members learning the ropes). No construction noise, no trouble. We had a great stay.