Caribbean Beach vs. Coronado Springs

Planning a trip for May 2021 for my family of four (kids ages 6 and 4). We normally rent DVC points, but I am leaning towards booking a room from Disney this time given all of the uncertainty and the cancellation policies. I got a quote on CBR and CSR, and CBR came in at about $230 cheaper. I have never stayed at either resort, but know CBR has the benefit of the Skyliner. That said, I am curious to hear everyone’s thoughts on which resort you would pick given the price difference. Thanks in advance!

I prefer CS over CB cuz

  1. it’s smaller and easier to traverse
  2. standard rooms can overlook a quiet pool :heart_eyes: 8000 bldg has a quiet pool, close walk to food court, theme pool, pool food
  3. rooms are up to date, nicer!
  4. … and I’m bias, we were married at CS in a garden LOL

Depends what’s important to you. I’ve only stayed at CSR but looked into CB as well.
Pool- both seem to have great pools with theming
Room- CSR has the edge for sure (I stayed in a tower room and loved it, to me the room is very important)
Transportation- Took buses and uber from CSR, no issues with that. Of course CB also has the skyliner which you may prefer (+access to other restaurants)
Restaurants- I stayed club level so we only really ate at the pool bar a couple of times. Definitely check out what is currently available (could definitely tip you over to one resort or the other). There was nothing special about the pool bar.

++ @ppehap Been there, done that and would rather stay at CSR over several of the Deluxe resorts.

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oh yes, it does have a deluxe feel.

CB for me. I like the Skyliner access to HS and Epcot. It is closer to Disney Springs. I like the food options at CB (although there may be fewer if Sebastian’s doesn’t reopen). I like the theming at the pool and the playground. CSR seems good too. It just doesn’t seem like my family’s style. We loved AKL on our last trip, but it is so far from everything.

I’m a CSR fan myself. Nicer rooms, a lot of restaurant choices, great pool, and a more deluxe feel than the other moderates. I didn’t really consider the Skyliner to be that convenient, especially for rope drop. We waiting in line for 45-50 minutes in the morning at the Skyliner station to rope drop DHS. I’d rather take an Uber.

I have to say too that while CBR is perfectly fine, the rooms are tired and really nothing special. Maybe once they refurbish them I’ll enjoy CBR more, but for the price CSR can’t be beat on property.

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Good info. As it turns out, I may be able to swing a long weekend trip in Dec with just DW and me, and these two are among our few options that won’t break the bank. Also looking at Swolphin (Uber to and from MCO) or if there’s any DVC rental that’s still available and reasonable about 2 months out (probably not?). Purely on price, POP would be the option, but we just stayed there last year and want something different for a special adults getaway. I can get a small “Magic is Here” discount with CR but not available for my dates at CBR. The skyliner is a big factor, but is it really that reliable? We could always take a short side trip on it to check out Riviera or something just to experience riding it. I have about 2 weeks to figure it out before the ADR window opens. Not meaning to hijack the thread, but these are definitely 2 of our leading options right now, so the more info and opinions the better.


Just FYI, there are a lot of dedicated DVC rentals out there that might fit your dates. I can’t seem to stop looking at them …

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I am considering a stay at CSR as well but I have noticed the website states all their restaurants temporarily closed for the dates I’m going (quick Halloween weekend trip). Does anyone have insight to what will be open? I assume maybe 2 or 3 places to begin with?

I have not stayed at either, but I’ve considered both in the past. Based on what I know, I prefer the pool at CBR. It is zero entry, has 2 slides rather than one, and has an awesome splash pad area in addition to a kiddie pool. Also, CBR recently finished a refurb, and I think that included rooms. (Not 100% sure on that.) The biggest downside that I can see is that CBR is huge, so it takes the buses a long time to loop around the resort before heading on their way to the parks.

@meatsquatch78, are there multiple TS restaurants at CS? My family tends to prefer TS for dinner, and my understanding was that CS only had one and it wasn’t so great, and that the one at CBR (Sebastians) was pretty good when it’s actually open. Who knows when that’ll be. But anyways, I could totally be missing something.

The rooms at CBR have not been refurbished since 2015, just FYI.

And yes, CSR has several TS restaurants now that the Gran Destino has opened. There are at least 4 and 2 lounges.


CSR is not open to the public yet. When they open in mid-October, we should get a better idea of what restaurants will be open.

Yeah I have a stay coming up Halloween weekend, but was hoping I could plan a few meals out. Really looking forward to just lounging at the pool and going to siestas if it’s open then.

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