Caribbean Beach Resort Preferred Queen Beds with a pull down?

We are going in two months and have signed up for the preferred rooms. My understanding is that the rooms offer Queen beds now, but I’m wondering if there is a third bed/pull-down dormer in these rooms?

Also, are there any recommendations for a room to request? I’m not seeing much on here since 2015, and would like some current info. Also, info about Bus Stop order would be great too.



Yes there is a Murphy bed in some of the rooms. There is no guarantee of one unless you have 5 people in the room.

When we went in September the bus route for the parks was Jamaica, Aruba, Barbados, Martinique, Port Royal, Tinidad south, Trinidad north. With Disney Springs, it started with Martinque. We stayed in a Martinique standard room and had no issues with catching a bus.

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We stayed at Caribbean beach in September as well. We were in Martinique too. I believe Martinique has preferred rooms so you should be close to the food court of that is important to you. I think if you have a room with queen beds it always has the dormer bed. My eight year old slept in it so it is definitely sturdy. The buses were always circling so you shouldn’t have to wait long at all for one. Have a great trip! Oh and you can make a room request but it’s not guaranteed. We had a request and they tried to put us in the farthest village. If you ask kindly if they have anything in a specific place they always try to accommodate which got us where we were hoping.

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