Caribbean Beach Resort opinions

Planning a trip for 2021. What are your thoughts on the Caribbean Beach Resort now that renovations are done (I think) and the Gondola system is up and running? Trying to pick a moderate resort and have done POFQ before, so I want something else.

I don’t think you can go wrong with any of the moderates! The skyliner is a great addition to CBR.

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I am pasting below an edited excerpt from a post I wrote earlier today for someone who inquired about CBR on another thread. I hope the info helps.

We stayed at CBR in a standard room, Jamaica 43, over Thanksgiving 2019. I loved this resort. It’s beautiful and quiet with a tropical, beachy feel.

We were a quick walk to both Skyliner and bus stop and Skyliner was a highlight of our trip. It was quick, easy and pleasant to get to EP and HS, and we took midday breaks every day. Our experience with bus transport was fine; we did not experience exceptionally long waits.

The walk to OPR was not too long, pretty, and relaxing. The Fuentes del Moro pool is outstanding (though we did not actually go in, long story) and the quiet pools looked nice, as well. We ate at the restaurants (Centertown and Spyglass) more than I’d expected, and they were good. One evening we took Skyliner to AoA to eat dinner and walk around. The food was also good, different than what was at CBR and the grounds of AoA are so fun.

We were in a second floor corner room, which was plenty of space for two adults, a teen, and a little one. Room was nicely furnished, though I wouldn’t be sad to see the carpets go in favor of laminate flooring and under bed storage.

I’d been a little nervous since this resort doesn’t get much love, but we really enjoyed it and would absolutely go back. Let me know if I can provide additional info.


Really like Jamaica at this resort. We don’t go to the central area much at all. I think we’ve stayed in bldgs 42 & 43 recently. Decades ago I think we also stayed in Jamaica but I’ve no idea of the bldg now. During our last stay the gondola system was being constructed so I can’t speak to that. Bus stop was a quick walk and with the Disney app to let us know the next bus arrival we rarely waited.

Would love to try out the Skyliner system.

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I have not stayed at CBR since the Skyliner was completed. It’s my favorite Moderate resort mostly because IMHO it’s the quietest. (I stay in Trinidad 37 / 38 which is the farthest away - I am a light sleeper)

The rooms are a bit small, but are “nice enough”. I book CBR when I see it for under $200 / night.

I also don’t use Disney Buses - IMHO so unreliable overall not just from CBR. I mention that because if you do want to stay at CRB you should know how the buses fill up.


In my case… The buses start at Martinique and go down the route to Trinidad until they fill up. More often than not I will see full buses drive past the Trinidad stop. You have to know to walk to OPR / Centertown to have better odds of actually getting on a bus. (Of course this may have all changed since the Skyliner - but I’ve know ppl who experienced waiting 45 minutes+ at the Trinidad stop to catch a Disney bus that wasn’t already full.)

I’m sure that the buses fill tho we haven’t experienced it. We’re at the bus stop really really early.

We did arrive once, 2017 trip, later in the morning and were amused to find a Disney CM minder with a clipboard lining up guests in park specific lines.

We wondered how we had managed on our own.

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I used to get a rental car, but now that on-site guests pay for hotel parking I’ve found using Uber /Lyft / Minnie Van to be the better option. (Rentals were typically $200 - $250 for a week + gas and tolls)

For, basically, the price of parking at the hotel I can get a private car to drop me off at the main gate - no rental needed or multiple buses/boats/trams. I’ll definitely be using the Skyliner when at CBR for Epcot & DHS. On trips to/from MK and AK I’m a ride share guy now.

We drive to the World. Not crazy about paying to park.

Next trip is this June and we’re at Coronado Springs for a karate tournament - CS is the tournament venue. Our 15 yo competitor’s weapon of choice is 5’5" staff she carries in a 6’ pvc pipe she modified herself a couple yrs ago. Her grandmother (my sis) drives a Scion a. Difficult fit but ok around town. Longer trips we use my mini van.

Think Lyft and Uber are great when traveling light. :wink:

We are looking fwd to trying the Skyliner, on non tournament days.

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The lobby and restaraunt were rebuilt … Not the rooms. We are here at CBR now. Our room needs TLC. Not horrible, but needs attention. The skyliner is very cool and convenient.

For moderates, if new rooms, laminate floors are important to you, then Coronado. If convenient skyliner is important to you then CBR. But rooms haven’t been updated.

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