Caribbean Beach Resort - Best Area? Bus Stop Order?

We are staying at Caribbean Beach Resort in January (28 days!!! Squeee!!!).

What area would be the best to request (standard room)? We are trying to avoid being the last stop on the bus route (mostly for pick-up) - we’ve had problems with that at Disney before (busses being to full to get a stroller onto)!

From what I can tell online, Martanique is the first stop. Was thinking about requesting that area, but just wanted to throw the question out there! It’s my first time at this resort, and I know it’s huge…I appreciate ANY of your wisdom and suggestions! :smile:

Thank you!

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Yep first pick up stop is Martinique (and sometimes Jamaica.) Martinique building 23 is close to a bus stop.

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We have been in Jamaica the last week and have consistently been the first bus stop. The main issues have been getting buses back from the parks. Since CB is so huge the lines for buses to the resort are consistently among the longest.

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I posted this in another CBR post but I think there is 2 bus routes for all but MK. At Jamaica we were always the first to be picked up. But on a MK bus we would have to go around the whole hotel and pick everyone up. When coming back we were always the first to be dropped off. When it was the other 3 parks we would only pick up 3 other stops and head off. And remember. Whatever park your going to will be the one you wait for the longest. At least it always seemed that way. Waiting for Animal Kingdom we had 4 MK, 3 Epcot, 4 DHS buses come and go and 4 DS buses before one for AK came… Seems like if its an EMH they have LESS buses running to that place…

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We stayed in a standard room in Martinique. It was a corner room on the first floor. It was a connecting room and had a Murphy bed, and the bus stop was right outside our building. We had our own car, so we only took the bus a few times if we split up, but I don’t remember waiting too long. We would definitely stay there again.

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Considering switching our Feb/Mar 2016 reservation to CBR. Can anyone describe the construction status here? Thank you!

Completed! Rooms are really nice with super comfy queen beds in all the standard rooms!

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We were in Aruba 51 (last visit bldg 53). We were close enough to the bridge for OPR, and equidistant btwn Jamaica and Aruba bus stop. It’s our favorite village!

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Random and semi-related question! :slight_smile: I just saw something that had a coffee pot listed as an amenity…is that true at Caribbean Beach? If so, any idea what kind of filter I would need if I were to bring my own coffee??? :slight_smile: I love Disney, but I’ve never been super-impressed with the coffee at the hotels in Quick Service, it would be nice to brew at cup in the room! :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance!!!

~ Shae

The coffee machine in our room was one that took these little almost like tea bags of coffee. They give you 2 regular coffee and 2 decaf. I learned that the hard way. Didn’t realize 2 were decaf and drank them and housekeeping suddenly thought thats all we wanted… the bag of coffee is a filter.

We asked our mousekeeper for extra “pods” (not sure that’s what they are really called) and she happily complied. We had stopped on the way down from MCO to pick up bottled water. I really thought the coffee quite good. But, I personally believe the reason it used to taste yucky was the Florida water. (It has a funny aftertaste imho)