Caribbean Beach Resort Advice?

Hey! With the Fall discounts, we were able to upgrade from Art of Animation (Little Mermaid) to Caribbean Beach (standard view) for our October 2015 trip. Since we have a resort day planned this trip, we are super-excited about the bigger resort and the waterslides! When looking to request a room, I’ve tried the roomfinder, but the two things I’m really looking for aren’t on there. We really want a room that has one of the drop down Murphy beds for our 3-year old (and we mentioned this when we made the reservation). We also are driving, but thinking we’ll take the Disney transportation to at least Magic Kingdom (maybe HS and EP too) and were wanting to be towards the end of the resort transportation loop (would prefer a shorter ride in the morning). I don’t want to make room requests through the room-finder that will conflict with each other. Any suggestions how to find rooms that match these two criteria?

Thanks in advance!

I was going to suggest checking where we stayed last November until I saw your “end of transportation loop” part.

Well, I’ll throw it out there anyway: We stayed in Aruba 51, was right next to Jamaica and the bridge over to the pool and food court. Was terrific - beautiful view too. (Around room 5153.)

The “problem” is it was at the start of the bus loop, since you asked not to be.

But, for what it’s worth we loved that, because the buses arrived at the road right next to the nearby Jamaica 46 bus stop, so we were on first. Even though this detail goes against what you are looking for, I can say once on the bus I don’t recall the ride ever feeling like a lot of stops. A couple of stops and out.

Wonder if someone else with more times there can confirm if the sections are broken down into groups of stops and you don’t hit them all? Maybe I was on a Disney high and not noticing more stops? :wink:

Also, we were also the 2nd stop or so on the way back to the hotel as well, except for one trip where we made the whole loop later at night.

In any case, loved CBR, have a great trip!

Sorry, I once stayed in a pirate room which is at the end of the universe, miles away from anything and at the bottom-most portion of the bus loop. But I wanted to say that it is a beautiful resort, I hope you really really enjoy it!!
Ooo… let me try and find my resort map! I can post that for you so you can find the bus stops!

Thanks, ya’ll!

JJT, did your room (Aruba 5153) have the drop-down Murphy bed? It looks like that’s a great location with beautiful views!

Yes! Was newly refurbished room and had the Murphy bed which was quite popular, I can tell you.

Kids were alternating each night, but on DD8’s second turn she told me, “Daddy, you can take the cool bed tonight!”
I said Thanks, but my feet like to be inside the bed, mostly. :wink:

You can see a photo of the bed in my trip report post, as well as another shot of the view and an early morning shot of CBR as I walked over for coffee while the troops slept.

You might notice I describe one morning’s bus snafu where we were trying to get to EPCOT RD and Downtown Disney buses kept showing up at 8AM >.<
Aside from that event, the buses worked very well for us.

The walk over to the food court was minimal and nice to do, the bus stops across the parking lot and a bit to the left or right.

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This is awesome! Thanks!!

We stayed in Martinique and loved it. It has the drop down Murphy bed. for a couple of the parks, we were the first to be picked up. For the others, we were the halfway mark for pick up. Never the last. Also, Martinique picks up before ole port royale which is the dining hall so in the morning that stop is overly crowed with people. For some who got on after that stop, the bus was full.