Caribbean Beach Refurb

I just booked my trip coming up in September at Caribbean Beach and I see the alert on my dashboard about the Gift Card Disney will be giving $75 gift cards “to anyone checking in May 1 or after.” My travel agent says this won’t apply to me since I booked after they announced the refurb, but the wording on the alert on the TP site doesn’t stipulate when you had to be booked to get the discount.

I’m hoping my TA is wrong, anybody know anything about this?

You had to book before a certain date. I think it was March 19th or 20th that you needed to make a reservation by to qualify for the $75/night gift card.

Good to know.


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This promo is no longer being offered from what I have heard all around various boards and podcasts

PS My maiden name is Talbot :slight_smile:


Yeah that appears to be the case. It’s a bit of a bummer. Wish I had booked back in March!

That’s really interesting… You don’t have any family around Oklahoma do you?

Nope. We are Acadian at our deepest roots.

Same here as I have just booked that resort. But I was able to get an “enchanted escape” discounted room (after a few days of trying!) so that is almost as good and I can cancel our Pop reservation. I guess the discount can be applied to an existing booking as well?