Caribbean Beach questions

We are staying here for the first time. SO, on my reservations it says I have a standard room view. I need a first floor, but would like a room near the pool. I am assuming that my reservation would not have any rooms near the main pool. SO my question is what building should I request? Has anyone stayed in a specific room they liked? Also not to far from the food court. Am I asking too much? :slight_smile:
I’ve been looking at the touring plans rooms and it is overwhelming!

We stayed at CBR in July 2016. We stayed in building 45 (Jamaica) in a standard room and loved the location.It was VERY close to the quiet pool in Jamaica and to the Jamaica bus stop (which was the first pick up and first drop off for all of the buses we took). It was a short walk across the bridge to the main pool and building. You are correct that the closest buildings to the main pool area are preferred, but try looking at Jamaica 44 or 45, or the next set of buildings over from the preferred rooms.

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Another vote for Jamaica 45. We loved it!

Sounds good!!! Thank you

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Hi! We just got back yesterday. We were in the Barbados village area. I timed my walk one morning and at normal pace it took me six minutes to walk to the food court. If you aren’t going for a perfect view I would suggest it. We were in building 14 and we had no view but a pool maybe ten steps away and a very quiet corner with a small courtyard area. It’s a beautiful resort and the staff is amazing. Have a good time!

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Is Barbados the last bus stop to be picked up?

We actually had a car so we didn’t use the bus. I think Martinique is the last bus stop, but I never saw more than four or five families waiting at any one time.