Caribbean Beach Pirate Rooms

My family (myself, husband and 4 year old daughter) is looking into a May 2021 trip, I normally rent DVC points but given the uncertainty of travel we will be booking through Disney directly so we have the option to cancel. I actually received a targeted promo code via email that is giving a nice discount. We have decided on Caribbean Beach for the Skyliner access, but the only rooms available with my promo code are pirate themed rooms, both standard and water view are available. That isn’t my preference but with the discount it is the best option for that resort, and it actually looks like the pirate rooms are fairly close to the Skyliner so it’s really okay with me. We usually go with standard view rooms, but the cost increase to water view would be about $40 for the week. Are the water view pirate rooms generally closer to the Skyliner than the standard view pirate rooms? Also has anyone had luck moving from a pirate room to non-pirate room at check in? Like I said my main concern is proximity to the Skyliner, but I have read some reviews of the pirate rooms being less physically appealing, so if they could move me at check in to a non-pirate room in Jamaica I wouldn’t care if we were downgraded to a cheaper room, I don’t mind overpaying to be in what I think is a better room. There are standard view rooms available for the week (as of now) just not with my promotion.

I don’t know if you can switch & keep the discount. I have stayed in pirate room at CBR. The rooms, Trinidad, were pretty small and only have Double beds. It was for my kid’s birthday and she loved it, but I wouldn’t stay in those rooms again.

It must be the bed frames that make them feel smaller. They are the same size as the rest of the CBR rooms as they used to be regular CBR rooms.

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I’m pretty sure the pirate rooms are 2 double beds, while the rest of the rooms are queen beds :upside_down_face: I just checked the website and it shows that as well. Something to consider.

The same thing happened to us in Aug 2018. When we arrived we went to check in and explained that DD was pretty creeped out by the Jolly Roger bathroom curtain thing. The kind CM moved us to a standard room…in Jamaica I think. She thought we might be refunded the difference…we never were, but that was okay. Don’t know if it will work for you, but it’s worth a try! Good luck!

I would definitely switch out to a non-pirate room if you can. I’ve only stayed at CBR once, for one night in a pirate room, as it was the only room left. It turned out to be the worst night sleep of my life. I’m 6’2 and I had to sleep on a diagonal with my feet hanging off the bed. I also sunk in the mattress so bad that I thought I was going to touch the ground. Unfortunately for me the person in the room above decided to party all night…so it was a mitigated disaster overall.

Other than that, I loved the resort. Jamacia was right next to the skyliner. The grounds/gardens are beautiful. And the cast members were extremely nice when I complained the next day. I still have a free night that I can use at CBR next time I’m there.

I don’t love that it’s double beds rather than queen but we can probably make that work. It’s definitely not my preference, but that resort is now what I’m set on. I think we are going to book, and then I’ll keep checking to see if more rooms are offered with the discount. My daughter doesn’t even love pirates, she actually may dislike the room more than me. She would LOVE the royal room at Port Orleans Riverside, but that resort is not open.

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I actually think that may come up, my daughter isn’t a fan of pirates and I am a little worried she may actually be scared by the curtain in the middle of the night. I wouldn’t even care if we were moved and not given any refund, if I were to book Jamaica right now it would cost more since it isn’t part of the promo code I received. I’m going to book the pirate room and keep checking for another room type to be available with the discount.

We can make the double beds work if we have to, I’m 5’3" and used to sleeping with my dog stealing where my feet would go, I’m trained for the tight space! It is odd they didn’t make those rooms queen beds since the whole point of the pirate rooms was to drive up demand for those remote buildings (pre-Skyliner) but based on the photos I’ve seen there isn’t much space, the frames add a lot of unusable dimension to the beds. We stayed at CBR for 2 nights in 2018, at the start of a split stay with Poly so at the time I was wishing away the early nights since Poly is my favorite, but looking back I did enjoy CBR and would like to spend a full trip there to really experience it.

If you’re not able to be moved and she doesn’t like the curtain, can you just keep it open and not close it?

Yes we would figure something out. It’s just something I had thought of as well, she may not like the room at all either. I wish she was into pirates, it would be a good reason to enjoy this room, but she just isn’t interested.

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FYI - I’m 5’ 2" and my DW is 5"8". We did manage to share a bed while our daughter had her own. It wasn’t awful, but not great either.

The room is VERY small. It’s a very basic hotel room where the bathroom sink is outside the toilet/shower room, but is still in the same area as the beds. The PotC curtain is the only privacy and it isn’t a blackout curtain. So… anyone wanting to sleep in while others get showered / dressed is not going to be able to do so.

As much fun as my kid & even I (as a big kid) had in those rooms, it’s a “one & done” for me. I had just always wanted to sleep in a bed shaped like a ship / car since I was a kid. Now, I’ve done it!

I do love the CBR campus though. It’s my preferred resort. (I haven’t been since the skyliner started though. I’m sure that will make it even better - even if it did jack up the hotel rate much more than before)

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