Caribbean Beach Pirate Room Standard Recommendations?

We got a pretty good PIN code rate for a standard Pirate room at the Caribbean Beach Resort. However, there are no “Touring Plan Picks” in the Room Finder. Does anybody have any recommendations or are pretty much all the rooms the same in this category?

I have stayed in these. They are pretty small - two double size beds. Not all of these rooms come with a mini fridge as advertised. I did like the resort. It was fun to stay in a pirate bed and the pool was nice, but not much more special than any value resort.

My general understanding of the pirate rooms is that unless you have a huge pirate fan staying with you, they aren’t worth the additional cost (of course, if you are getting it for less than a standard room with your code, that’s great!). The beds are small (as darkmite mentioned, only doubles, not queens) and according to the TP resort map, they are all located in the Trinidad cluster of buildings, which is the furthest away from the lobby/food court. If your heart is set on the room (or, as mentioned, it’s the least expensive option available), I’d try to get rooms in building 34, which appears to be closest to the food court/big pool on the map.

I actually picked my room because of this - I am a light sleeper. I wanted a quiet room away from foot traffic and etc… It was probably the quietest Disney stay I’ve had. I had my own car, so I didn’t need buses & etc… It is a bit of a hike to those amenities.

Yes, I would imagine having a car there would make a huge difference!

Thanks for all the insight. I had somehow missed that the beds were only doubles. Seeing as I’m 6’2", I don’t think that would make for a very good night’s sleep to share that size bed with my wife. (We’re used to a king size bed at home.) We’ve switched resorts to POFQ for the same price. Looking forward to some beignets and a queen size bed!


I missed that, too, when I initially booked them. Hard to tell in photos, and a lot of hotels call rooms with two beds “doubles” no matter the size of the beds themselves, so it’s an easy detail to miss!