Caribbean Beach, Old Key West or Saratoga Springs

I am taking a trip with my DD12 and DD9 this summer. These three resorts (CB, OKW, SS) currently have rates that are within my budget, but I don’t know which one to pick. Does anyone have any experience with these resorts that they would like to share? I read a lot about CB, but don’t seem to see as much about OKW or SS. I have stayed at POP, WL, BW, and POFQ and have loved them all. Honestly, it’s Disney so how could you go wrong…but I would like some liner advice!!! Please and Thank You!!!

If it were me I’d either pick the newly refurbished SS or CB for the skyliner, pretty grounds and walking distance/skyliner to Riveria for Topolinos Character breakfast. Saying all that I’d pick CB. But if you’re used to nicer digs then probably SS. We had a car when we stayed there and only used the DS boat for Disney transportation.

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Thank you for your advice!!!

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I would pick OKW near the hospitality house. The rooms are humongous and the resort is quiet and peaceful. The only draw to CB is the skyliner, which, granted, is a big draw. It’s been a hot minute since we stayed there, but I wouldn’t again. I just didn’t like it. SS is our resort of last resort. The demographic it’s best for is those that want to spend a lot of time at DS and get a room in Congress Park (newly renovated). It’s a perfectly fine resort, but not my top pick.


We have yet to stay at OKW but have done SS and most recently CBR. I really liked CBR. The skyliner was a nice perk. Both resorts are large but the theming at CBR is much better in my opinion. SS and OKW being primarily DVC just give off a different vibe to me.

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