Cardboard Disney gift card?!?!?

Picking up Disney gift cards at Target in preparation for our upcoming trip, and hoping for 3 different designs. They had $50 Mickey, $50 Anna & Elsa, and a $100 Disney 100 design I hadn’t seen before - great!

Got home - went to unpack them and realized the Disney 100 is literally cardboard. Not plastic, cardboard. CARDBOARD! :rage:

Omg :scream:. How cheap.

Cheap or environmentally friendly?


I can see normal ones being cardboard, but special, commemorative ones?

It’s got a magnetic strip on it, so I don’t think it’s recycleable.

Honestly, if it had been labeled as cardboard, I probably wouldn’t have minded as I could have weighed the risk of a cardboard card for a 9 day Disney vacation. I can’t find my previous gift cards, but I normally have just a few “real” cards, and the rest I get virtually and load the balance to the real cards as needed. We’re taking 9 people for 9 days, so our spend will be significant, and it’s worth the hassle to get them 5% off at Target.

I have a couple so I can pass them to DH or ODS to grab food/snacks/souvenirs. I don’t trust a cardboard card to survive.