Caramel Popcorn

Look what I found at the grocery store today!

After reading about the caramel popcorn in Germany being a must-try snack, I couldn’t help myself. Oh, so good!! 105 days until I can have the real thing!


Where did you find that? It looks delectable! And do you think it’s widely available?

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Publix in GA had an end cap display…it caught my eye in light of all my Disney research. I typically don’t like kettle corn or cracker jacks. This was HEAVENLY!

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I’ve gotten it in Publix several times. It is very close to Karamel Kuchen.


I see it on the Walmart website. I’ll try there. Thanks. Werthers and caramel corn are my mom’s two faves. She’ll love this, I think. So will I.

It’s close, but just not the same for me!!!

Every grocery store here in SoCal seems to carry it now.

@JuliaMc - I’ve never had the “real” thing. I can only imagine how good it tastes freshly made. I’m excited to make the comparison! :slight_smile:

@Ariadne Buy more than one bag! My bag won’t last the weekend! LOL

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@Minnie1239 ohhhhh you are in for a treat then!!!

I like it a couple days old. But I am the first to admit I’m a complete weirdo!!! :joy:

When is your trip? mid-January? I’m hoping the weather is lovely! (I get in on the 21st. Along with two trips in between. LOL)

@JuliaMc How exciting for you! We arrive 1/26 for a week… I’m surprising our kiddos. I was planning to tell them at Christmas, but I’m not sure I can wait that long!

If the popcorn is good “old”, I’ll be sure to get some to bring home!!