Car service recommendations

Family of 9 and we are staying offsite in a rental home for a week while we enjoy WDW. We will be renting a 12-15 passenger van to get around. To pick up at airport (MCO) on arrival day and return at airport on departure day the cost is $691 for the week. However, If we pick up at car care center in WDW and return to airport the cost is only $399 for the week. So almost a $300 savings. My question is how much will it cost to get 9 people and their bags to the car care center from MCO? And what service would you recommend? I thought about leaving family at airport and just ubering to CCC and then head back to MCO to pick them up, but that idea was nixed by DW.

Could you send DW and others to rental home via car service and take uber yourself to car care center?

Thought of that but not really an option as we will be arriving in the AM and check-in is at 4pm.

I guess then the question is whether it’s worth over $300 to your wife to hang at the airport - collect luggage, grab a late breakfast/early lunch, do a little shopping, relax - for a couple of hours while you uber to car care to get van. It’s going to probably cost that much or more to get 9 people to car care center otherwise I would think (without looking, just going on past experience with car services for smaller groups of people)

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Wonder if we could call for a shuttle from CCC to pick us up at MCO? Last year we stayed on property, took DME to our resort and desk called CCC and they sent a shuttle bus to pick us up to bring us to CCC. Probably wishful thinking on that one haha.

Just can’t fathom why it’s so much cheaper to p/u from CCC vs. MCO. Same company (Alamo). I wonder if I went to Alamo desk at MCO and showed reservation if they’d honor it?

I think you’re paying for convenience :wink: They’re no dummies, and know that you’ll have to figure this out to take advantage. I would be shocked if they honored it but I suppose what’s the worst they could say - no? And then you just go to car care center as planned

A lot of cities also impose car rental taxes and fees that only apply to airport car rentals. The scenario you are describing is pretty common across the country. I have rented cars in many places and often find it is much cheaper to take public transit (or Uber) away from the airport and pick up a car in a “city” location not at the airport. Often times half the price. Generally speaking, it will be cheaper to rent and return away from the airport. . . but at a cost of convenience…

I had to do a bit of a double take at first thinking what thread did I start off and forget about. I am also booking an extended family trip for a group of 9 in the coming months. There have been moments. There. I’ve said it. My children and grandchildren are all quite spoiled by dint of my always plotting our mischief. Good luck with the van plan. My family would gladly trade over flying in as late as they are on our arrival day. Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do to get the deals. Hope that you all have a wonderful trip.