Car service from MCO

We are set to leave for Disney in a few days. We normally always take DME but due to some unique circumstances I’m thinking about using a car service instead to take us to the Riviera.
Has anyone used a car service (not ride share) since COVID and have a company the recommend? Is it too late to get something scheduled?
@FindMeAFishingSpot I seem to remember there is a company you really like

For our upcoming Feb trip, our MEI Mouse Fan Travel agent recommended Black Diamond. I haven’t used them yet, but I trust her advice. Found the website here

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We use Happy Limo a lot and have had good experiences. Avoid Ultimate Limo - both drivers we had were speed demons! If you’re doing both ways, Happy Limo usually has a coupon code from MouseSavers. I haven’t used them since COVID though - we took DME my last 2 trips.

Have a great time!

From a risk mitigation perspective, do you think one is better than the other due to COVID (ride share vs car service)? In my mind I was thinking car service would be more likely to adhere to mask wearing and other measures but not sure that would really be the case.
DME isnt an option because we need to be at the hotel at a certain time and Factoring in possible waiting to load and other resort drop off, I don’t think it will be an option

I think I’ve seen Mears ? Referred to in the blogs here but am not certain. I’m interested too since we are coming in by Amtrak and will obviously need transportation. We aren’t going until June so I haven’t really started looking at that stuff yet.

I’ve used happy limo to get from universal (so couldn’t use Disney bus) to port canaveral with my family and parents on both sides so we were a big group and needed large accommodations but they also have cars/SUVs. They were great, on time and professional. Wow I still had my itinerary from 2017. Looks like we used them to get from the airport to Hard Rock as well and that was a SUV.

I haven’t used them yet, but I’ve heard great things about Orlando Transportation by Mike. I was supposed to use them in March, then October, but both trips were cancelled. They were great and gave me the option of a refund or just carry over the payment to the next time I am down there.

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