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For our trip to Walt Disney World in August we plan to rent a car when we check out of our Disney hotel (POP Century), to drive to Kennedy Space Center and later to Miami, and then flight back home from Miami airport.

We found and excellent deal for two days renting for a Toyota RAV4 with LDW, ALI, additional driver and one gas tank for only $135, which seems like a good deal don’t you think?

By biggest doubt is what will be the best location to pick the car, should I pick the car from Alamo at the Disney Car Care Center or should I pick it from Orlando Airport?

Would it makes more sense to go from POP Century to the Alamo Car Care Center using Alamo’s transfer and then drive to Cape Canaveral, our should we use the free Magical Express from the POP Century to the Alamo office in the airport and then go from there to Cape Canaveral?

In theory it would seem more logical to use the office at Disney but the route to the airport seems more in the direction of Cape Canaveral.

Maybe someone with experience with all regarding Disney, rent a car and transfer can advise me.


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Are you planning on renting through Alamo or through Costco? Is it cheaper to pick up and drop off at two different airports?

I’m planning to rent it through and is the same price to rent in the airport or at the car care center, that is why my concern is what location is more convenient and quick.


Hello, any advise from someone? This is our first visit to WDW so we don’t have any experience on this :slightly_smiling_face:

I would be inclined to pick up at WDW. I don’t see the benefit of going to the airport. You can get a free shuttle from Pop to car rental to pick the car up

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First, Alamo prices most likely will drop between now and one to two weeks before your trip. Make sure payment is not due until you pick up the car. IF Alamo allows you to pick up at the car center and drop off at a different location (when I looked in February I could only do that airport to airport) I would use the Disney onsite rental.

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Thank both for your feedback.

Alamo allows me to pick at Disney and return it at Miami Beach. Thanks for the tip about the prices decreasing.

The advantages I could see in picking the car at the airport would be a better selection of cars at MCO, save some dollars on tolls and the airport on the direction of KSC.

This is the site that has been recommended recently on chat:

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So you think the better car selection and saving tolls money is still not enough to choose the airport over the car center?

I have never seen more than 10 cars to pick from at MCO. How many are at the Disney car center?

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I really don’t know but it was mentioned to me that the airport would have a bigger selection since it is a main hub.

10 cars from the same category or in total?

Ten cars in one category.

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Maybe at the car centre has less I don’t know :frowning: I do remember reading some reviews that at Disney you get the car they allocate to you not like in some other places they let you choose from what they have available.

When I went to Cocoa Beach we rented a car and after that we went to the airport and dropped the car and took the Magical Express to the resort.

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