Car rental recommendation

Does anyone have a recommendation for which car rental company to use at MCO? I usually use Budget but their line is always the longest, and even though I’m signed up for Fast Break, they usually don’t have my car ready.

Used Alamo most recently with straight-to-vehicle option and it was wonderful. Would definitely use them again.

Have used Budget before, not quite as seamless but also a good experience. That one was super cheap - it was when Priceline still had name your own price for cars. I kid you not it cost me $7/day. The fees cost more than the car! I had the whole thing for I think something like $68 for 4 days.

I also vote for Alamo. So easy. No queuing. Pick a car, put your stuff in it, drive off. Well, there’s a barrier where you show your ID and there’s like one car in front of you.

The car we picked out had a leaky tyre. Swapped it out at the WDW car center. Simple.

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$68 is ridiculous!!!

Thanks for the Alamo tip!!

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I like grab and go! Thanks. :slight_smile:

This was a long long time ago. Jan 2018 when the world was young and innocent.